First attempt at growing, this is just random bag seed that was planted at the end of July. Ive given up hope on this plant’s survial, but I want vengance. Also something ate the leafs on my few day old seedlings, they are also eating my tomato & pepper plants I think… I’m currently germing auto ww and want to learn. I Thought I just had spider mites, I’ve been having small strands of web from pot-leaf or leaf-leaf. Then I just saw this POS, sprayed it directly with neem oil, it didn’t do anything to him,he just walked under the leaf, another few sprays forced him into the soil. My plant looks like it’s on the verge of death, as I just transplanted it into a fabric pot.also if you see black specs on the top of the leafs I the used coffee grounds around me plant, I also gave

the plant direct sunlight with moisture on the leaves. I doubt I’ll be able to save it. But there will be a genocide in my backyard. I’m considering starting q ladybug farm there(half joking)
Strain: bag
Soil: shitty potting soil
pH: not checked.
Outdoor: outdoor
Nutes: small amountsof general 202020 like 2x in 3 weeks
(Sorry if there’s errors on this post, using a tablet with a terrible touch screen)

If Neem isn’t enough, try some spinosad. Buy at most home improvement stores. One brand is Monterry Insect Garden Spray. Totally harmless to mammals, deadly to insects.

I highly recommend green cleaner. It will work on a variety of problems. U can get it on amazon for sure. Good luck!!

Green Cleaner 749806 Home Pest Control Sprayer

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