Pest control from Walmart?


Does anyone have any suggestions for pest control I can get from Walmart? I just moved my plants outside yesterday and it seems something is already eating on one.


diatomaceous earth food grade. Sprinkle on them and around



This is all they have here


Wouldn’t be my first option. Mostly based off a natural insecticide also has other poisons mixed in. Last resort. Wouldn’t use too much.



What about this? Organic gardening


Most of them sell this.


Can always google homemade remedies. Garlic and some water is an old one.


Fungicide 3 is great use that and do a milk fs, killed mine (bugs)


They have neem oil too. Same brand Garden safe


Garden safe neem oil is what I just bought this past week. I’m going to try it.


@EarlyPearl Once my plants got to stinking good seems 99.9 % of the bugs leave them alone. That and Ive noticed a lot of daddy long leg spiders around . They love to eat bugs


Ive thought about catching a few to put them in tent but i was worried about the webbing.


They don’t make much of a web. They do however wrap up their prey in a web and attach to leaves, stem or what ever is convenient for consumption at a later date. They are bad ass lil f*#kers


Yes I also bought some oil concentrate!


mate i found neem oil is good and the plants love it and its only about 2pounds a little bottle but u need the one which is cold press ok

i hope this helps


It may be caterpillars who are eating your plants. You must suspect it first. I personally have not got any products from Walmart. My brother also started his growing a year back at that time, he also faced problem like you, his plants were being eaten by caterpillars, he tried various products but nothing worked for his plants Then he called professionals from Pest Control Monroe CT to help him protect his plants. If you wish to choose some products from Walmart, you can check them online, if it does not work, you can also have an advice from the professionals near by you in your area.