Pest control for out door plants

I recently lost most of my plants due to neebe mistakes . I now have a new grow tent in basement , fingers crossed. am reading a lot and appreciate all comments. but of the plants I lost I took three that I thought might make it , dug a hole next to my shed and are gowing well . what is the best pest sprays
for outdoors plants

Capt’n Jacks Dead Bug from Amazon.
Can use all the way up to harvest.


Second @Spiney_norman. Get the concentrate and mix it at 1.5x strength. The premixed is a tad weak for some bigger pests.


What kind of bugs are feeding on your plants

Sorry it took me so long to reply, They are tiny flies with yellow stripes. I bought the captain jacks , it arrived today , I sprayed them.

If it is this it’s a Hover fly, not a bad insect. They actually can be beneficial, they lay there eggs on plants and there larvae eat aphids.

that looks like it did i kill them by spray ing?

The adults feed on nectar, so if you didn’t directly spray it it’s fine. Better to be safe than sorry.


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Those leaves look pretty nice.