Personal Observation: Affect of Cannibis on Asthma/Bronchitis/Congestion

I do NOT know why NO-one is talking about this, but at times I suffer from serious congestion in the morning, often lasting through the day. I have a rescue inhaler and various other meds, but oddly enough…

If I take one (1) puff of pot, (and it will make me cough like merry hell…) then wait about five minutes, I do not really know why - but it loosens everything and helps clear it up.

A second puff after five minutes when it’s well on the way, and in about ten minutes I am usually clear as a bell - and relaxed too.

Marijuana by personal demonstration is better for clearing up congestion than even Albuterol and Sybicort!!!

I don’t know all of the why, but that truly is an effect it has on me that I love it for

I think it would be a good topic to pursue so that we can find if anyone else has had the same experience ~or~ if it had a bad effect

If it is truly helpful in this way across the board for everyone, it would be a medicinal use of Marijuana that is extremely beneficial

Oh by the way: “I got my weed, from BERGMAN SEED!!!”


“GOLD” in fact, Roberts own. And some ILGM Gorilla Glue that is ‘Nicely Funky, and Kind of Exciting’


More than likely its allowing you to relax enough to cough up all of the junk in your lungs and allowing you to clear things out verses your meds that probably more than likely are just a band aid and not a real way of fixing the issue…
Most medications are not ment to fix the problem, but just there as a placebo and an alteration of how things should run normally…
I don’t believe that there is one medication out there to do anything but make money for big farm…
Just my opinion…
Glad that it’s making a positive in your life…
Its crazy…
I’ve never heard of one negative about mj unless it was laced or sprayed with something not meant for consumption…


I have asthma. Most in my family have asthma. Im 40yr and have been smoking habitually since 16.

As a kid young as 4, i remember having attacks and have been hospitalized several times for asthma and pneumonia growing up til early adult age around 23yr. Was told by Dr.s and specialist growing up i would be an inside, non respiratory able kid who shouldnt be outside with dirt, dust ,allergies and doing things to make me breath hard… like play.

To get to the point, i didnt listen to Dr and specialist and mom and dad let me be free and do what i wanted with warning and preparedness, inhalers and all. Played all sports, mainly track and football, played trumpet thru jr and sr high, was a skater for a good while, outdoors all day early riser since the 80s. I get up early no matter what and get in a full day every day, i go hard with natural energy still to this day.

Before 16yr i used inhalers a lot as preventative and small rescues and breathing machines in bad times. Never any pills or that little purple disc my mom used, just inhalers and breathing treatments.

After becoming a regular pot smoker i noticed some differences after smoking in some situations.

For example, i would normally use an inhaler before getting on my skareboard, i forgot my inhaler 3days in a row and was always nervous without having an inhaler in my pocket. I toked those 3 days anyways and had no issues except the caugh from inhaling smoke. Eureka!

Im smart, so I tried the same thing before bed, i usually hit the inhaler, but this time i hit the joint. I was lucky growing up to have a bedroom perfect for a pothead kid, i got away with cheech and chong type shit. Anyways, i noticed my breathing was the same as using inhaler.

So i started smoking before activities and bed. My breathing treatments went on the back burner and inhaler use went down but not away until my early 20s. By that time i was no longer carrying an inhaler in my pocket but still kept them around for reacue or lack of weed use.

Leads me to believe its not medicine or weed that helps me, its the state of mind! Im a firm believer in mind over body. You can think your way thru things like asthma attacks, panic attacks, anger, any feeling you have unless its that overwhelming you need to get medicated.

I also thinkyou can grow out of asthma through exposure to elements and allergies, exercise or get physical as much as possible and by living right above the bar that is set by your limitations and then raising that bar when your comfortable.

At 40yr i keep inhaler at work, truck, and bedside drawer. I rarely use them any more. I also have figured out what my triggers are and avoid those.

Thats my opinion


I smoke bongs and find the same results as you in the morning time but if i wake up in the middle of the night and try to smoke one to go back to sleep it makes me weezy for a good while im gonna make edibles to fix the late night problem

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Found this by pure coincidence today while researching terpenes


My husband and I both have asthma. Some strains are better for us to clear the lungs. Blueberry comes to mind. I noticed the ILGM Critical Mass I grew and just harvested also is a lung clearer.

My dad remembers his mother and her friends smoking their ‘asthma’ cigarettes way back in the early 50s in Texas. So yeah, it has been around awhile.


Not sure if this is true but when I was watching a doctor on tv loose their mind over legalization during the pandemic because Cannabis is a powerful bronchial dilator while at the same time lowering a persons inhibitions . When I smoke it always makes the copd worse . But like the song says everything that kills you makes us feel alive


Very interesting, I too have the morning junk in the lungs and after a few hits, as well as coughing, out it comes. Perhaps you have started a trend for folks to discuss pot’s effect on the physical aspects of our body.