Perpetually stoned? Who else? Show it

I don’t know about y’all. But since I harvested my first plant I’ve remained as stoned as I did in college. Who else is in love with their own product? Just felt like I needed some light heartedness outside of the members lounge. Which is why I’m posting this under beginner. We can head to the green room for a light laugh sure, but I don’t think everyone knows that. Let’s bring the lightness of the forum back to light. I feel it’s being missed in the past month.

This what’s been keeping me stoned. ILGM’s own super lemon Haze.


Ill 2nd this motion!!!:rofl: ILGM White Widow been my ticket lately……

Feeling much like “cruise control” lately​:star_struck::star_struck:

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I ve been on the white widow train with you! Shes running low on fuel though, and ill soon be jumping on the gsc spaceship! Hopefully that’ll get me to gorilla glue harvest. Then who knows?!?