Perpetual Strains


Im coming up on the end of my first grow soon of GG#4 and Bruce Banner and im thinking about doing a perpetual grow next. I was thinking about going with LA Confidential because of its short flower period. Im trying to be able to harvest every two months. Do any of yall know of any good strains for perpetual growing?


Learn how to clone… that’s your best bet for a perpetual grow… :wink:
I harvest every 3 to 4 weeks with a perpetual grow… 1lb to 2 lb every 3 to 4 weeks… its alot of work… 3 to 6 plants every harvest…
Best advice… read , read , read… and read some more… :wink:



Me so jealousy…sigh


Yea im def gonna be cloning but im curious about strain because I need to find one with a fast 8 week or less flower. Am I right on this or am I missing something here? Also plz any tips, id love to read those haha


What do you want to know exactly?
You will have to grow out certain plants to see how they grow in your area and how much they produce to understand if those strains work for you… It really takes 2 years to produce and really 3 years to predict your outcome and yield… :wink:


why 2 years? After the first harvest the next one should be in 2 months and continue forth or do you speak of finding the right strains? See I got GG#4 seeds right now and Banner but niether will work well for this as they take 9 + weeks to flower


My perpetual go to strains are White Widow photo, Trainwreck, and Chronic Widow. All three are done in 8 or 9 weeks of flower.


I was looking at Cronic Widow I might try that one if I dont go with LA Confidential


Depends on what you want. I’ve grown every powerful ILGM strain. Chronic Widow is the most powerful strain ive seen so far. I’m growing Critical Mass and LSD right now along with the others I’ve mentioned for chronic pain and sleep. I use extractions for pain and so far Chronic Widow is by far the best for pain.


how long do you flower your cronic widow for?


8-10 weeks.


Im not sure what you mean?


I think OG Kush would be a good perpetual strain. They have a short flower time i i find they clone easy. Compared to my Girl Scout Cookies the clones root faster


I love OG Kush so much as well. I might look into that for sure.


I’m not entirely sure about a 8 or 9 week flowering strain… I’ve been doing this for quite some time and have never had a plant finish in under 10 - 1/2 weeks since light flip… most go 11 to 15 weeks for huge , rock hard nugs that make you drool and forget your name… :grin:



Hmmm see I figured because said 8-9 weeks for flowering that anything past that would turn into narcotic style bud.


That’s not really realistic… everything comes into play when determining what will come of your grow… environment… Nutrients… ect, ect…
It takes at least 2 years with a strain to figure things out and 3 years to know for sure what your outcome will be and be able to foretell profit margins… :wink:



Hmmm I have alot of GG#4 seeds. Maybe ill just grow this for awhile then