Perpetual Grows - who's ready?

I’ve been asked a lot lately about implementing perpetual indoor grows at home and I figured that I would pose the question here on the ILGM forum.
Who’s considered it? What’s holding you back? Are you currently running a perpetual? What does your system and schedule look like? I assume you’re cloning if you do run a perp, but does anyone run a perp with seeds?? What’s your timing; harvest every week, two weeks, once a month, bi-monthly, something else? What strains are you running and which have been your most successful?
I’m interested to see what y’alls thoughts and experiences are!

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Bi-weekly is where you should be at. Space and lighting are what’s holding me back.
I recommend a 4x4 space for flowering (or more)
2 in 1 tent. For maximum space utilization. One side with a shelf for smaller veg, then a 3x3 area for larger veg, then on to the flowering tent.

I have some of this planned, I just haven’t purchased a 2in1 tent yet. I should have a 4x8 total foot print set aside for space.

Something I’ve considered, is the 3x3 area must have the capability to flower, because if your 4x4 gets backed up and you run out of room, where are you going to go?
Flowering takes the largest amount of time, and should be considered the pinch point.

Once seeds are started, clones will make quick turn around and flowering times. You could start a seed at anytime.

Hope you get someone to care for the plants if you’re ever on vacation, you’ll come back to a jungle!

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I am not currently running perpetual harvest but I was for years . 2x3x3 shelf wrapped in panda fabric for seeds or clones 3x3 veg tent 5x5 flower tent. I just cut clones off lower branches of veg plants two weeks before putting in flower tent when flowering was done veg plants took their place and clones moved into veg tent so on so on.

Definitely not for me. I’m a sucker for a plant 75” tall and up to 8 feet wide. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus I couldn’t afford the power bill. If I could, I’d have 3 5x5 tents running full speed 24/7 all year round.

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I recently just got my perpetual grow going. I have not gone through one cycle yet but I have it set up to where I have my first plants two weeks into flower. I have a thread made check it out.
I have it set to where I plant new seeds or clone every thirty days. I plan to soon harvest every thirty days if all goes well, I know timing might be off a bit but at least I will have a consistent flow of plants.

My Set up
One Room for Veg and One Room for Flower
Veg Room Dimensions: 3 1/2 Ft By 10 Ft <---- Closet
Flower Room Dimension: 5 1/2 Ft by 10 Ft.

I currently use 2 Electric Sky ES300v2 for my flower room
Two Bestva 120 watt for vegging
One T-1 111 watt for vegging

Perpetual Schedule
First 30 days: Plant seeds / Clones A
2nd 30 days: Plant seeds/ Clones B
3rd 30 days: Move A to flower Room Plant C
4th 30 days: Move B to flower Room Plant D
5th 30 days: Harvest A Move C to Flower Room Plant E
6th 30 days: Repeat Cycle

check me out on IG @igrowsticky for videos on my grow

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i have 2 in 1 tent and a 4x8x84 tent. new to all of this but thats my goal to have a perptual grow going. with me being a noob im also tryna get shedule right to do this where things are not overlapping.

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I’ve been doing this for quite a while. I use 2 3x3 tents and harvest every 8-10 weeks. The dedicated flower tent has a 600 watt HPS and the veg tent has a a 125 watt CFL for clones/sprouts and a dimmable 600 watt MH for real vegging. I do clones mostly but pop an occasional female seed, don’t have time or space to mess with male plants.

My schedule starts with clones (or female seeds) in the veg tent, root them and veg them for about 60 days total. Top them a few weeks into veg so I end up with 4-6 colas per plant. Transplant into final 7 gal pots and move to flowering tent. At that time take cuttings from those plants for next grow and place into my aero bucket cloner in veg tent. So in 8-10 weeks the flower tent is ready for harvest and the girls in the veg tent are ready to give some cuttings for next grow and move into flowering and the process repeats over and over and over.

I have clones from clones from clones that go back a few years plus I pop a couple female seeds now and then to have some variety and to look for the next keeper as well, just got to time out seed sprout time with clone rooting time so the plants end up about the same size.

I think people underestimate what you can pull from a 3x3 tent, with a 600 watt HPS, I am pulling near a pound (sometimes more, sometimes less depending on strain) every 8-10 weeks. Normally done with 4 topped females that yield almost 4 oz each (the bigger yielders anyway). I give away 3/4 of what I grow to family and friends and never come close to running out. The time it takes me to grow a pound (8-10 weeks), I only smoke 2-3 oz.

The key for me is using clones and female seeds and sticking with big yielders. My keeper clones at the moment is a very sticky Cherry Do Si Do (most sticky plant I’ve grown in 25 years of growing - a very special girl) and a very nice Platinum Bubba, both are awesome yielders and easy to clone.


I’ve been running a perpetual harvest. 6 plants. 2@ a time. So far all clones.

hey bud,

sorry for your personal problems… some of the hardest stuff to deal with there… :sweat: :pray:

so im moving stuff around and building stuff. but the veg area is in the cupboard… 3x10 and there are 2 systems in there…

and there will be 3 systems with a 4x6 ft screen each I think… or 4x5.
like this:

I use seeds and clones… even invented a special system for it u might like it actually… no rockwool, no expanded clay reusable… :smirk: but my cloning leaves a lot to be desired…

so im aiming to harvest one system every 4-5 weeks… i have to build another seedling system… i think… :grin:

so its in a 12x 14 ft room ish… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:


In the next few months, I’ll be working on a third area and timing perpetual myself. I’ll be interested to watch you work this out. I did it when younger. For me the key then was three dedicated areas. Babies, growing, flowering. I remember it getting much easier after the first harvest, if you keep the same strain. I had to know how long it took me personally to flower the strain I chose. That was the input data it took for me to get my timing down.

3 4x4 tents each run independently on their own a month apart from each other.

Cloning box to start seeds or clones for the 1st month of their life

We just chopped down the far right tent so I’ve thrown some plants into flower there first week except one auto in front right of it.

Middle tent has been in flower for about 4-5 weeks

Far left is in veg until a flower comes out then it will get cycled on


Hi, I grow perpetual.

I have two 4x4 flowering spaces and a separate box for vegetation. The flowering spaces run 12/12 permanently and I move flowers in whenever they have reached the vegetative stage/size I desire before putting them in flower. Because all plants vegetate at different speeds I have to judge every plant individually. Makes it easy, not having a schedule. I then just write date of flower on the plastic-sign I have in every pot.

Good luck if you go for it

edit: I started out wanting to harvest every 4 weeks but it didnt work because of the differences in the plants and strains I grow. If you go for mono strain culture it would be easier


I’ve grown perpetually for years now, I posted to start a dialogue for people who haven’t and are considering. :slight_smile:
I have two large spaces, well more like 3 kind of. I have a big veg room where it’s always 18/6, and a smaller room for clones and early veg where it’s always 24 hours and then the flower room which like yours is always 12/12.
I take my clones during my last vegetative defoliation and they go into the cloning tent in the cloning room. I take clones every 3 weeks and end up with a harvest every 3 weeks.
The only thing that sucks is that my flower room is two rooms away from the drying and curing room so everything has to be walked through the veg room. I don’t like that because I worry about the possibility of any transfer - like, god forbid a harvest has any PM that I’ve missed, or anything like that, I have to take it back through the veg space to hang it. I just don’t like that.
Do you run soil or hydro?
How long do you typically veg for? I run a couple different strains that have different flowering times I have adjusted my veg time a bit between strains which makes juggling space a bit of a musical chairs.
I live in a seasonal area where if anyone were to grow outdoors they’d get one harvest if they’re lucky. So I have been pushing more people to grow perpetually and enjoy the fruits of their labor year round. I wanted to see where everyone else sat on the subject. :slight_smile:


Love your trellis!!! (and thank you so very much for your kind words. I still wake up thinking that all of that had to have been a bad nightmare, but it’s not. I appreciate your kindness.)
I was wondering though about the size of that tote. You have multiple plants in there. Are you worried about the roots suffocating? I’ve grown a single tree out of one of those totes and got concerned about running out of root space. (Monster projects)


I’ll post some shots of my perpetual home grow. In a couple minutes. I just finished a harvest and am also trying to clean so it’s going to be a mess but I’ll show my lil world. :slight_smile:


from my family I have been brought up with mental health problems around me lot, but more from the medical side… and I can say its a serious issue, everywhere, and everyone should be able to talk to someone. hoping she gets the help she needs and this can just be a horrible nightmare… :grinning:

in answer to your question… in short… no. not because im such a confident hydro grower, but I asked those questions before I went around and built them all… to a really good grower and he has had no problems… and I have had no problems… but I wasn’t worried about suffocation… they have heaps of air… @peachfuzz why does everyone keep asking this question… :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: :grin:

it was more if the plants fight with each other… and they don’t… :roll_eyes:

one of those stalks is 2 inches one is 3/4, there are 7 in that one because im an idiot
and no dramas…

all the roots grow together so I just move the lid and all 6 plants as one… :roll_eyes: :grin:

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Best system ever for a small grow… :+1::grin::grimacing::flushed::joy::rofl::grin::fire::grin::wink::exploding_head::laughing:… f’n ripped … lmao…
Ya , gonna run out and take some pics before lights on…
Just threw 5 girl’s into flower…
F’n ripped… :grinning::grimacing::flushed::exploding_head::laughing::rofl::upside_down_face::thinking::confused::grimacing::flushed::grin::crazy_face:


I :heart:gm … :+1::laughing::grin::rofl::wink::grinning::joy::smiling_imp: