Perpetual Grow 6 plants?

Hello Folks, ok so id like to set up a Grow Probably Jack Herer. I have a 8’x2’x8’ space, im thinking mother and clones in 2x2x4 each, veg 2x3x8 and flowering 2x3x8 my biggest concern right now is lights. would love max yields im thinking flourescents all the way thru veg than I figured a 600hps for flower but I am concerned with heat. Thank you for any and all help.

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Is the 8’x2’ space exactly 2’ wide, or is that how much you’re allowing?

It’ll be tough to move around plants if the space is only 2’ wide.

2 feet wide is about max to stay uniform with the shelving im next to but I only allowed 6 plants so I figured they only be one plant deep

2’ is not that wide for a plant. Have you considered autos? They’re usually smaller… and quicker.

8’ high is pretty good. If you can run a dedicated exhaust fan with ducts any type lighting should work.

Is this a closet? If so, can you make a sketch of the layout and doors?

its actually in the garage, I have not built anything yet. just cleaned and measured the space.

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Are you allowed 6 plants total, or 6 plants flowering?

6 plants total

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I was thinking mother 2 clones 2 in veg and 2 in flower

There’s not really any reason to keep a mother plant with that low of plant count. You can clone, but keeping a mother is wasting a plant of your total. I would look more at taking a cutting or two from plants you’re moving into flower if you want to keep seed cost low.

You have to remember that every plant you move into flower is going to take 2+ months to finish. You have to start looking at the frequency you want to harvest. If you harvest a plant every 3 weeks that’s 3 plants in flower and you can have 3 in veg. I would look more at doing a 5x2 flower space and a 3x2 veg space. You can adjust off my model if you want, but if you want perpetual with 6 plants total will probably have to be close.

6 plants total? Are you in VT?

We’re allowed 2 mature, 4 immature. The best way to run a perpetual is 1 at a time, separated by a month. That way you’re basically harvesting 1 plant every 4-5 weeks, but yet still legal.

IMHO, it’s one of the best thought out laws. Perfect for the home grower trying to supply themselves.

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oh ok cool, so that size is perfect. so pretty much start a clone every three weeks. put one into flowering every 3 weeks?

I use photos, so I place into flower about every 4 weeks, with separate seedling, veg, and flowering tents.
If you used autos you could probably harvest every 3-4 weeks.

If you want quick flowering photos, Ilgm Cali dream is 56 days or less. It’s awesome.

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That makes sense if they only allow 2 plants in flower for sure.

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2 “mature”, 4 “immature” (6 total. So 6 immature is ok), per domicile. The best part… 1oz on your person, and as much in your domicile as you’ve harvested, ( no limit). You can literally have lbs. at your home.


I’d like to recommend BudgetLED grow lights. Top tech low price. I have the s3+ 260 red it’s amazing.

Very Interesting, @dbrn32 for the size you suggested what do you recommend for lighting these rooms, Also im in CA and am allowed 6 no matter the stage. man that was the longest 22 hours lol

Depends on what the grower is looking for. A qb 320 xl kit would be a nice fit in 5x2, or 2 smaller lights. A 3x2 veg space could work well with a 2’ t5 fixture. I’m sure I could come up with a couple of nice custom builds for both spaces too.

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@dbrn32what would you do as far as custom build? even if my first harvest isn’t Like Whoa I want to know its not from lack of or because of shotty equipment or set-up

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