Perpetual garden stage 2


LoL sing it Purp😉


Trust me it does!! I have noticed here last couple of times i only trim the big fan leaves. Unless the sugar leaves burn or yellow, they stay. Alot of the leaves will break off as it gets josseled around in the jar


You are doing a great job. Did that plant you harvested just mature early. The flowering time seemed a little short, but you did an awesome job trimming.

Did you get a plan for your new veg light yet.

As usual you are killing it.

What have you been doing with all your trim.

I will quit with all the questions now


Lol na, I like answering these questions. I will wait till I get my xmas bonus and then probably build my 4th flower light and then I’ll go for new veg light probably in February sometime. I have everything except the QB boards and heatsinks for flower light.
I appreciate the trim compliment. After she is dried and I’m clipping buds off stem I see all the trimm I missed. It’s way harder to trim after dried. It just sticks to the bud anyway. I think my trim job needs some work for sure.The first plant trim is dried up sitting in a ziplock bag hidden away in the dark. The harvest from last night is currently drying out. It did finish early. Kinda funny actually, I had harvested 1 early because I didnt want to buy weed anymore. It had about 70% cloudy, 30% clear. Yesturday harvest is 2 weeks early. It had 30% amber and 65% cloudy, 5% clear. I dont know why it was early. The other 2 indicates 60 days is on point. This one had some very thick pistols compared to other. If you scroll up I did a comparison with another white widow. Maybe that holds some weigh. I dont know, Just a thought.
Anyway my trim is going to be used to make an arthritis loation for my wife’s mother. Heard it works great so we will see. I will have plenty of trim I’m sure. So I’ll be making all kinds of different things. I’d really like to try my hand at making my own vape juice. It all requires concentrates so I’ll probably save it till I get 3 plants dried. I ended up with 10 grams bho off 5 oz trim my first grow. It didnt have near the trichomes WW has.


Went ahead and put buds in jar. Got a total of 88 grams, a bit over 3 oz. I had to jar, my dry area is in flower room an nothing I can do right now to get humidity up. It hovers low 30s in night and 40s in day.
So far 2 white widows harvested

Plant 1 was harvested 6 days early with 70% cloudy and 30% clear. End flush was 2 weeks of only 2-3 gallons ph water. Ph read under 100. No nutrients last 2 weeks. Very sticky, nice high, gets harsher as you smoke. Cough a lot

Plant 2 was harvested 14 days early with 30% amber and 70% cloudy. End flush was 1 time, 9 gallons. Nutrients up until flush. Ph read just above 200 after flush. Harvested next day
Smoke is very smooth👍 Same sticky ickyness.
I’m pretty baked right now. Thinking of this chicken pot pie I got in the oven. I hope it doesnt burn…my girl likes this weed because she doesnt cough. I’m gonna flush like this on next widow and compare.


Hopefully u found something magic there. Nice report. Any big change in flavor with the two distinct harvests?


The first has more earthy woodsy an spicy taste and the second has a sweetness to it with the woodsy earthy taste in the backgrown. It’s a pretty nice taste. I like the second one better


Ahh. That spicy must not be intentional. Type of nutes again?


Foxfarm trio plus calmag


Dammit i wanna taste the diff now… cmon harvest!


The second one is so much smoother. I have this one in about a week and a half


Are those white pistils foxtails? Like how mature are the buds under them


She only has a little over a week. I think they are the beginning of foxtail but its not the spiral kind. The buds are harder then other 2 I’ve harvested. They are solid. I think she will beat both in production. Foxtail could of been because of snapping her stem. We will see because the 2 widows I have in veg were broke last week. I’ve quickly found out you can do whatever you want to these white widows and they will not die. Veg might take longer but shoot. I put those thru the ringer, and they still produced. I’m actually excited with this one. Because of the abuse I put her thru. I continuously harrassed her just to see what would happen.


Yup. Most plants can take an absolute beat down. Not sure if it was @peachfuzz or @Budbrother but one of them had a BRUTAL supercrop. Nextday right back up. Ive snapped stems into 25% left connectd, n she kept ticking. No tape r nun


I’m the heartless bastard! That super crop was after the dog ate 3/4 of the plant. Gotta love photos!!


It was still INSANITY! Show a before n after before i come stalk n steal


Kush ate

15 days later - that super crop ya mention

12 hrs later shot


The secret is the jewelers pliers


Thanks. Seriously a tutorial on resiliency


My plants like 3 days ago in flower from 8 days since light flip… :grin:
What a mess… :wink:
Going out in a few since 14 days since light flip… :upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: holy crap balls… :wink: