Perpetual garden stage 2


Nice harvest! Those are some nice buds. I feel you about not liking to buy weed. My first harvest will probably be on that kind of schedule. Hope you enjoy your harvest. Oh BTW love the festive pants your wearing :grin:


Congratulations! That looks like an awesome harvest!


Indeed a sweet haul. Congrats on the 1st chop. As u said, 2 more to go :+1:t5:


Nice haul and some very good sized buds. Just think how big they would have gotten if you let them go full term.

I have to say I’m impressed at how quickly you learned how to grow and the quality of your grows.


Thank you @MAXHeadRoom. It helps that I travel for work an cant go see them everyday. I know I’d be touching them all the time.
@Missiles thank you, it should hold me over till next batch. It was white widow so I had to break out the Abominable Snowman pants.
@PurpNGold74 this is actually my 4th planta overall but I hope it’s a continuous monthly thing. Right now I’m 4 month rotation in different stages so it’s looking good…real good. Lol
Thank you @raustin


You had said something about building a new veg room light awhile back. If your still up for it I’d like to hear what you were thinking.
My veg is 2×6


For that size of space you could go with 400 watts of power. Since it will be a veg space 35 watts of power per square foot should be plenty.

If you use the same design as your flower light, then you could use the HLG 288 boards with a 240H-C2100 driver to power 2 boards per light. Each light with produce around 200 watts so 2 of those lights will cover that space.


Dec 3rd update
Dropped 2 seeds, 1 chronic widow and
1 big bud xxl

2 ultra white amnesia look crazy but did the same thing my first grow. Probably from the overwatering I did…again. Looks like they are going to grow out of it though.

2 white widow
Transplanted into 5 gallon pots. Will start lst soon.

White widow 7 days in flower. Looks promising

2 White widow 43 days in flower
One has brown pistols so I cut a tip off to check trichomes and its has about 10% amber. This plant has acted different then the other I harvested and the other in flower. I might harvest Wednesday because if I dont I might not get another chance till next Thursday.
Other plant trichomes is still all clear.

Harvest the above plant


Looking mighty Funky bro. That second WW has towers for buds. N overwatering is sooooo easy to do aint it. I definitely walk the ‘too dry’ line now. Girls could drink every other day. But I stretch it to 3 at least once a week


I try to just water wednesdays and sundays an for the most part it works great. They get nutes om sundays. My seedling soil was so dry that I soaked it too much before I even put seeds in. As soon as it dried out, the little girls started looking better. They will be alright and grow fat buds for me. Things are definitely in motion.
I want to harvest tonight but will wait so I can flush her out. Hopefully it will be too cold for work and I’ll be stuck home. I want a couch lock off one of these plants anyway.


Dec 5th
My wish for more off day came true. I might very well be laid off for the winter. Been a long time coming and I’m looking forward to it.
So my buds were dry enough to put into jars. I will begin burping them 3 times a day for 10 mins. Trying to quick cure this batch. Now I probably only got a little over 3 oz and that seems like a disappointment to me. I know it is because of the shorter veg time but still. My first grow I had seedling for 1 week and veg for 10 weeks. So I will adjust my veg time to include 2 more weeks so I can get more buds. Now it will be 1 week seedling and 9 week veg.

I flushed out the white widow that is ready to be harvested. Will probably harvest Friday evening.
It will definitely be a couch lock. I’m estimating a bit less then last plant.

My big bud and chronic widow cracked open and I put into seed started. They are now under a dome waiting to riSE UP, an give me fat nugs. These are new strains. I haven’t grown these strains and am looking forward to them.

My goal this winter is to build my 4th light. All I have to buy is 2 heatsinks and 2-288 quantum boards. I have everything else already purchased. This will complete my flower room. My new problem is too small of a veg room. Maybe I buy a small tent… Maybe I just get me a pole barn an go buck wild with it. I really enjoy growing. I do not enjoy trimming.


To me trimming is an art and is fun for a while. but after trimming 2 plants I’m done. The fun is over, Then its more like a choir


Do you have a trimmer? Was thinking of getting one of those bowls.


You last 2 plants!! Thats great, i have to spread one over two days when i first started now depending on how many branches and leaves but i can do 1 plant in 4 hrs or so. But my back cant take standing or sitting in that position for 2 long. 3 hrs and im hurting. Lmao


My first was only a bit. Havent had to trim heavy yet. But kinda look forward to it. Im sure itll get old fast tho. Luckily i have an extra set of hands.


I jarred up what has hung for past 5 days. Total weight as of now WAS…3.9 oz, 110 grams of smokable buds. Filled 3 jars with a bit of room to spare in each one. I’ll go thru the curing motions but, I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna make it all the way. Well, if I’m lucky maybe 1 jar will.
I will harvest another tonight.


Hahaha. Gotta have restraint. :joy::joy:


Dec 7th
Harvested white widow on day 46 of flower. I flushed yesturday with about 9 gallons of water. Got her below 200. Is more then I prefer but the cut tasted like water.

Other widow is same age and showing white pistols and few cloudy trichomes. I have begun the flush. My flush is just 2.5 to 3 gallons each watering until harvest. I vacuum out the waste. Usually about 4 total waterings. I figure I have 2 weeks left on her.

They getting their lean on


LOL now I have that song stuck in my head that says “Lean back, Lean back”. Those are some nice buds you have there. Nice job!


Yup nice looking nuggets. Goodjob :clap:t5::clap:t5: N lean back… lean back…