Perpetual garden stage 2


Its beginning to look a lot like Chrismas


Looking great man. Enjoying the detailed log!


That’s a frosty girl.


That is very nice. What is your RH. I have found that RH 40 and below in flower really stacks on the trichomes. That is why my winter grows have massive trichome coverage.

This picture is from December 2017 grow. RH was around 35



Very nice tricomb city you got going


Nov 18th.
I’m pretty excited about this update. Lots going on with every stage.
First thing dropped 2 seeds of ultra white amnesia.
I grew this plant my first grow and was happy with results. With all the WW I have growing I thought a sativa would be nice to have also. This has a 75% sativa and 25% indica. Supposedly is 10 week flower. It went 11 weeks last grow. Dropped 2 seeds yesturday.

2 white widows just transplanted into 1 gallon pots. Roots looked great. I’ll try to remember next month to take a pic. They spent a good 26 days in Dixie cups. They just got first dose of 1/2 strength nutrients. Also I was able to come home last Monday night and they looked like they needed a haircut so went ahead and fimmed both. They are 28 days from seed.

1 white widow, 8 weeks from seed. This was a round bush yesterday. I did some heavy stem training and helped the canopy to flatten out a bit. Still very bushy. I’m gonna keep her in veg another couple weeks until I harvest 1. Half gallon of water twice a week. 1 nutes, 1 plain water.

1 gorilla glue, 8 weeks from seed. I took 4 clones which I’m very excited to try again. I feel like I was able to get 4 good clones that wouldnt have helped at all in flower. I would have just ended up clipping them later. I wanted clones because I do not have any seed of this strain. Switched to 12-12. I really hope it’s a girl. She is looking great. She drinks half gallon twice a week. 1 with nutes, 1 plain water.

4 gorrila glue clones. Took these yesterday and 3out of 4 look good so far. They are in a humidity done that will get misted 2-3 times a day. Even if 1 survives I’ll be happy.

White widow flower 1 & 2
28 days in flower. I thought I had a ph issue because I was showing magnesium deficiency on all 3 in flower. Fixed ph and still getting worse. Mostly on my 42 day flower plant but also these are showing early signs of same thing. Added Epsom salt to maybe fix the problem. I did notice it started after I flushed so not sure if that jump started the whole thing. Have enough ww cycling thru right now to hopefully be able to figure it out. They have been drinking 1 gallon each, twice a week. 1 with nutes, 1 plain water. Look at the difference in thickness of white hairs

White Widow, flower day 42
It snowed since last week. Lol, look at all that frost. As I mentioned last week I thought I had sorted out a ph issue. Things didn’t get any better, in fact have been getting worse. Added Epsom salt to todays feeding. This will be the last time she gets nutes. Everything I read says 60 days on these White Widows. Of course I’ll keep an eye on those trichomes but it is only 2.5 weeks away from day 60. I also plan on trimming all the fan leaves off with about a week left. She has been drinking about 1.25 gallons twice a week. 1 with nutes and 1 plain water.

My temp in flower room.
Daytime is actually 8pm-8am
Canopy level- Day 74°, Night 66°
Light level- Day 81°, Night 66°
Humidity in flower room
Canopy level- Day 35-40% night 50%
Light level- Day 30-40% night 50%
This update completes my garden cycle until I build another light. I plan to do so before winter is over. Then I’ll be able to harvest 2-3 plants per month. As of now it is a rotation of 1-3-1-3-1


That sure is one frosty… a couple of frosty frigging ladies. They dont look bad for showing deficiencies


Nov 27th
Late update,
We will start with clones…all 4 have survived and look good far as I know.

this is my second time cloning. First try the plant was herm sp I threw it all out.

Only a bit over a week old
Ultra white amnesia
I overwatered the soil befor I put seeds in. They have stayed in dome with clones which has helped them stay moist.

Veg white widows.
I fimmed again. Didnt seem to take last time

White widow just moved into flower

2 white widow
Day 37

one of the plants hairs have turn darker. Checked trichomes and they are all clear

White widow day 51

trichomes are cloudy. Will harves a few days early. Tired of buying weed

Last and least of all let’s get to the mother of those clones…



Post that bottom pic by itself so we can see.

Nvm I see you added one. Yep as @PurpNGold74 would say she is a shim. Sorry dude.


Think it would be good for pound of butter


It sucks because so far every time I’ve cloned they have hermed on me. Think clones are herm also?


I don’t know about butter since it won’t have a lot of thc but it has plenty of oil to make RSO out of. But wait to see what others think.


Did the mother hermy? If not I think you have a environment issue. Like light or something that’s constantly stressing them.


That is the mother. It was bag seed also. And I do heavy training. I dont have any light leaks. I guess it could be the stress I put them thru in veg


Oh yep all the clones could have that trait.


Yup since it was bagseed… no telling how it was made. Ill bet only a couple seeds n not litterd with them. So maybe the seed u plantd was born of herm’n and its just in the genetics. Id probably toss all those clones. Or at least flower them immediately and be on nuts patrol. Sorry Charlie


Trash it is then, seed pods on every node.


I would get it out of there and make sure it hasn’t pollinated any other plant.


It’s out already. I had just moved it into flower 10 days ago. Total time in room was 9 days.


Nov 30th Harvest 1 plant today! Day54 from flip20181130_231241|666x500

Its harvested 6 days earlier then I scheduled. Tired of buying weed and also have 2 more a couple weeks behind this one. I’m happy buds are fat and will hold me thru. Hung and drying.