Perpetual garden stage 2


Looking good


Yes they are looking good. Very nice canopy’s on them👍


I agree nice even canopies and clean undergrowth. Meticulous grower you are


Everything changed in me and I cant figure out how to fix it.

I cant see any pics now. Anyone know how to fix it?


The site has been having… technical difficulties since last night


Okay good. I’ve been struggling trying to figure it out. Thanks bruh


Yes @blackthumbbetty was having the same problem earlier too.


Missiles… i do believe u have gotten addictd to this forum like us :joy::rofl::wink:


Damn skippy I have. I can’t believe how addicting it is. I’m learning so much too.


Too bad I deleted all those photos. I thought my post was too long. I’m glad it’s back thou. Next update I’ll have some nice pics for everyone.


Seedlings, white widow, 2 weeks


Nov 4th: Veg plant, white widow, dropped seed
9-22 doing lst a bit more oorganized this time

Veg plant, gorrila glue, lst, dropped seed 9-22

They each get half gallon. In pics I over watered each 1 gallon.


Looking good set to watching.


Flower plants, all white widow.
Plant 1 this is the one I abused, pretty much broke the stem and did heavy lst. Pushed it over and trunk looks like a roller coaster. She is 14 days inin flower

Uploading: 15413872228982973119220584414240.jpg…
Plant 2 didnt get as much abuse but did tip her over any discoloration is from the flush I did last week. They got full nutes tonight.


Flower 3. White widow 28 days in flower. Just the regular stuff, Fim, lst

but then…


Everyone is lookin good. Especially the flowering girls. Trichs are starting to load up! Sorry about the breakage. Tape her up n she’ll be fine. That branch may even be the highlight


Yeah I put a zip tie on it to hold her up. I didnt even notice her looking hurt from it at all. Whatever she went thru, she bounced back great.


Looking great. Your really turning into an excellent grower very quickly. You must have the golden green thumb.


Well thank you very much @MAXHeadRoom. I’m just good at following directions I guess. I still have plenty of room to learn for sure.


Nov 11th
3 week old from seed still in Dixie cups. Both white widow. Thought about transplanting but I’ll save it for next week.

7 weeks from seed white widow. Topped or fimmed.

7 weeks from seed gorilla glue. She is a beauty.

2 white widows 21 days since flip


1 white widow 35 days in flower. She is getting fat. I had a ph issue I think I worked out tonight. I also put up scrog net because of the weight of the buds. Dont want another branch splitting. These white widows are very short growing plant. They would be great for height restrictions.