Perpetual garden stage 2


Yes it will. It will be the best gift I get for sure. Thank you


Very nice.


Looking good for sure! What are the new seeds you dropped?


More white widow. Will probably switch it up next month to gold leaf


Ah very nice. I’ve got some WW seeds I’ll hopefully get to next year. I probably should’ve started with something easier to grow like that but leave it to me to make it difficult lol.


I did same thing. Tried growing 4 different kinds at same time. Lucky for me it went well. Now I’m just trying to keep a journal on each strains yo refer to later.


My wife taking a photo shoot with the plants. She keep sending them too me. Like she gonna be on the cover of high times or something. One is her behind the foliage like a cat ready to pounce.


Hahaha that’s awesome. Tell her to make a Instagram account for those photos and tag high times. Maybe she can get them to use one.

I’m just doing 2 different strains 2 each and one strain is doing great the other looks a little rough already. Going to be interesting lol


When I did my first grow i think watering them the same hurt one and also maybe too much light. I kept everything the same when I think I should have adjusted. For instance, I always used 2 gallons per watering on all 3 different plants. With this white widow, I’m noticing that 1 gallon gives me plenty of runoff to test. So one plants needs could be excessive to another plant. Even in veg they have only been using about half the water as last grow. It could possibly be the change in weather but so far my room as stated same temps. Humidity has dropped for the better.
Those are some interesting strains you have.


Yeah mine are in a hydro system. Still babies so the only water has been my misting the inside of their domes. So I definitely think it’s light related. I think I had the light to close yesterday. I moved it up some on both sides but I think I need to move it even more on the right two. I’m hoping it looks better tomorrow not worse lol.


I’m gonna follow your grow


Please do. The more the merrier. I’ll go take some new pics in a few minutes to show the difference. The 2 skunks are double the RP size.


Dooooood!! They look farkn dope!


Yup, I think they look great!


Looking good @Budtastic


You still around @Covertgrower. You must be in the lab part of the forum


@Sirsmokes I share my time fairly equally when I do have time to frequent the forum. The new job really is killing me as far as personal time. I’m busier than snot dripping off a 3 year old.


I have a 3 year old :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face: lol


2 seedlings looking good both ww. Under dome that I spray to keep humidity high. Not sure what it is really. It ruins the meter if I put one inside. But, all that I’ve done seem to be fine. 1 week from seed.

2 veg plants, 1ww, 1gg that I topped 2 weeks ago. Transplanted and will start heavy lst.
They have been in 1 gallon pots for 3 weeks. The watering schedule was 2x per week. I would give them each half gallon with nutes on Sunday. Then Thursday they would get about 3/4 gallon of plain ph 6.5 water. Any runoff would be soaked back up into plant. Now they will get 1 gallon each. Full nutes.

2 WW, 1 week in flower, flushed and trimmed underbrush.

1 WW, 3 weeks in flower. Clean up the underbrush for better air flow. She is looking beautiful. All flower plants are getting a gallon every 3-4 days with nutes once a week.

I’m very excited that I have my cycle going. One more seed drop and it will be complete. I’ll be able to harvest 2-3 plants per month. I still have some things to finish but nothing major.
I tried to post pics but I guess it was too much. I will here soon


Here are the flower pics. The seedling and veg plants will have to wait