Perpetual garden stage 2


I have 20 blueberry auto seeds for a grow too.


That’s what I thought I had problems with. But still got like 5.5 smokable from 1 plant. Was disappointed because I thought it could have done way better but halfway thru flower I said screw it.


We can do some trading. Lol


Lol. I’m hoping to get a pound out of my grow. I’ve also been struggling with ph issues and lock outs. I think the FFOF soil may be the issue. I’m trying Nectar #4 now. What kinda trade you talking about


If I said screw it nownid be ok but I’m 3 weeks out and can out run most issues I think.


Seeds. I have
10 black widow
10 chronic widow
2 white widow
5 gold leaf
5 big bud
5 mandarin haze
5 ultra white amnesia
5 northern lights😎


That’s quite the list. I actually don’t think we can openly trade on the forum though :grimacing:


Wow they really do look great. Your doing great with the fim and topping. I plan to trying lst and scrogging but the fim and topping makes me nervous.


I wish we could trade. That would be a nice addition. But you can share info in bergmans lab. It has private messaging over there. My seed stockpile is
5 white widow
5 northern lights auto
3 purple #1
4 jamaican berry super auto
3 blue pyramid auto
4 devil cream auto
3 kandy kush Express
2 Bloody skunk auto
2 Red Poison auto

As you can tell I have mostly autos. And these are all non ILGM seeds. I’m gonna attempt not to buy anymore until I get half way through what I have lol.


How do you access the lab??


It’s a paid membership. You have to buy the classes to get access. Its about $130 US a year for it.


This journal went off the rails a bit eh? :joy::joy: @Familyman threatening d pics :joy::joy: but yea. The lab looks like a bargain when you consider they have more experience over there and private messaging. One day ill have extra cheese to drop for it. :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:


Ditto that. I’ll probably try to get it after tax returns next year lol.


Oct 21st
Dropped to seeds last night and 1 has cracked open. Going to plant is seed starter.

Next up gorrila glue and white widow. I topped both last weekend
And 2 I just flipped to flower room

And 2 weeks in flower. She was just flushed a couple days ago. I was in middle of feeding all of them when I took pics. Light just now came on. Morning for them and night for me.

It’s a girl .:grinning:


They looked sad last night so I took a pic this morning


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Wow they do look very happy today! They’re looking awesome. Looking forward to seeing them get full of nice buds🤤


Yeah they look a lot better now. I’m looking at harvesting a couple weeks before xmas


They makes for a great Christmas gift. What more could one ask for. If I get mine in maybe the Easter Bunny will be nice to me. LoL. They are looking great. Nice work.