Perpetual garden stage 2


Guess I should have ready your profile.


Lol Not much offends me it will be all good


Cool. But I’ll refrain from the dick pics… for awhile at least. :rofl::rofl::rofl::grimacing:


:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy: ok I will too then


Ohhhhh my :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Oh damn I thought this was you post. I’ll stop pooping on it. Sorry @Budtastic.


Yeah, if you could keep those pics to yourself, that’d be great…lol


No worries there. My apologizes again. Your Grow looks great though. Very healthy and lush. Mine is wrapping up and I’ll be starting my clone grow next.


I agree @Budtastic your girls are looking awesome. Can’t wait to see how they finish.


It’s all good bro, stop by tomorrow for my update. Usually do 1 on Sunday’s


I’m growing northern lights right now. How do you like WW?? I’m thinking of trying them because they are always on sale.


If you care, here is a pic of my grow


I haven’t tried it yet. They seem to be growing healthy. I’ve denied them nutes and generally been an asshole to them and they still doing alright. These 2 that are switching to flower tomorrow look amazing. I think I’ll have a nice harvest for xmas


:heart_eyes: very nice. Northern Lights was going to be my next grow after the White Widow.


It’s a very smooth smoke and has an awesome citrus and earthy taste. I couldn’t feel my legs last night and it’s 3 weeks from harvest. Had to test the girls.


If you read my first journal you’ll see I struggled with NL. Looks like you have it under control thou. That’s a nice spread you have sir.


A lot of people say White Widow is a forgiving plant to grow. They is why I am going with it for my first grow.


Thank you friend. I have struggled with cal mag deficiencies all grow. They gobble it up.


What’s the flavor?