Perpetual garden stage 2


Sept 16th First feeding was 1/3 strength. It showed some light yellowing on lower leaves so this time I did 2/3 strength plus calmag. I fimmed on Friday and they look fine. One of them ended up being topped by accident. Will transplant into 5 gallon pots next weekend. Also will drop a seed or 2.

They look a little saggy because I pulled them down to show fim


How many plants are you going to grow this round?


I have just the 3 for now. Will drop more seeds when I get home. Your grows are.looking amazing as always


Thank You. Unless my health has a turn for the better, this will be my last grow. I am struggling to get around and walking up and down stairs is getting difficult.

Your fist grow was amazing and I believe you will have years and years of successful grows


Thank you @MAXHeadRoom. I appreciate all the help you have giving me. I wish the best for you max. I really hope your comfortable as you can be and your prayers are answered whatever they may be. Goodluck Max


September 23rd update
Okay so no pics because I forgot and am in bed already.
On September 21st I dropped 1 white widow and 1 gorilla glue? Maybe. Friend had some to smoke and we found a seed. He said he hasn’t found any until then. We will see how it goes.
Sept 22nd white widow cracked open and I planted in seed started.
Sept 23 gorilla glue cracked and also planted in seed started. Both are in a humidity dome.

Sept 22nd I transplanted all 3 white widows into 5 gallon pots and watered. I will use plain water again on Wednesday. At this point I’ve only used nutrients twice on them 1/3rd an a 2/3rds dose. Not much at all and they are doing just fine. In 2 weeks I will move 2 of them to flower.


Sept 30th update.
The seed I dropped bothed cracked and sprouted. 1 gorilla glue and 1 white widow. They stretched pretty good so I’ll probably give them another week before I go ahead and transplant into 1 gallon pots.

Okay so I’ve been reading up on abusing plants and finding those that can withstand the abuse and even flourish in it to grow an not herm on you. I like the idea of not having to worry about if they will herm or not. Then cloning the strong strains. With that said I messed with one of the plants squeezing and bending the main stem until it turned to almost mushy and it flopped right over. At closer inspection I noticed I had cracked the stem a bit so I put some duct tape on it and went to bed. Once I woke up I went and checked it expecting to see at least the top half dead. Instead it was reaching for the sun. So I’m gonna keep abusing her for another month and hope she doesnt herm. She has also been fimmed 2 weeks ago. All 3 white widows will be going thru different levels of abuse

Plant 2 was also fimmed and I have started lst

Plant 3 was topped and also lst

Will move this into flower next weekend. Others will wait a couple weeks longer for more training.


Oct 7th
The 2 seedlings are doing good. They are 2 weeks from breaking soil. They have stretched quite a bit so I’m going to go ahead with transplant into 1 gallon pots.

Plants 2 and 3 of white widow.
I took the duct tape off the one i squeezed till it broke.
I did more stem training.
On this one I pretty much left alone its tilted very much to one side.! 15389626633527762358603644586043|666x500

1 I put into flower. She was topped and lst

Canopy is nice and even


Oct 14th
Start with the youngest.
Gorilla glue and white widow
Both freshly topped

2 older white widow in veg
I’m letting one stand back up and other is still being abused.

And white widow. 1 week in flower
All but little ones are getting full nutes now. I will drop new seed next weekend and flush the 3 bigger ones.


Are those ilgm widows? They are AMAZINGLY uniform. The one i was gone say looks diff turnd out to be the GG… :joy::joy:. But the flowering girl looks so sad. Perk up buttercup. We want happy weed


Yeah they all from ilgm except the gorilla glue.
I had the light 18 inches from the one in flower. Lowered it to 12 inches. She is doing good. It was water day and she just woke up also.


Thats what i figured. No offense meant. Just some girls have that sad face…


Here you go bro, hope this helps


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