Perpetual flower w scrog

So I have two tents. A 2x2x4 and a 2x4x5. My plan. what I’d like to do and continue to do. is a perpetual grow. I veg in the 2x2 then move it into the 2x4.
I started with one plant in the 2x2. Then moved it over and started a new one in the 2x2. Today I’m moving that one over and I have a couple seedlings and clones to chose from. (the rest in giving away)
Anyways , the first plant in flower now is in week 5 of a ten week flower. The buds are starting to swell and I see a couple of kolas slightly leaning. I know this is the purpose of the scrog net. So my question is to those that have perpetual grows… Do you scrog? How do you incorporate it?

I haven’t yet kinda because this reason I made a homemade scrog but ended up taking it off. I know I can put it in the 2x4 then just when I put the plant over get it under the net, but whose to say that those two plants grown at different times will be the same height? What are my options?
I don’t really want to tye up every bud individual to stop them from toppling over.

Here’s a little eye candy. I know I’m in love :heart_eyes:My first grow,Five weeks in flower. Apple fritter


It’s difficult to scrogg when perpetual, because plants are constantly being rotated in and out. In my experience tying a plant up to give it support is easier.
When scrogging, it’s typically an extended veg time to get maximum yield. Two different light schedules can be a challenge.

Good looking plants! :seedling:

What breeder/distributor did you get your seeds from? I’ve been eying Apple fritter for a little while. It’s something I would like to grow eventually.


I got the seed from my buddy that grows. It was the cure jars of his last run. However I’m growing a critical from royal queen seeds. So far so good. The seeds I sprouted last week were northern lights from royal queen. I hope it’s as good as the critical has been. Anyways they have an apple fritter that I’m prob gonna try to compare.

This is that critical. I’m flipping it tonight. I vegged it for six weeks had like a week of lock out w both plants. But sinc got my TDS meter and things under control


Nice looking plants and roots Growmie.

@DoneDeal only my second plant. Each one gets better!!! Flipped it last night.

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I’ll tag you in my journal and go to the top and look the progression I have made since I have joined this forum. I’m happy for you Growmie it’s your second one and you’re doing good. Growing these plants is just like wine it always gets better with time.

I’d recommend individual strain specific scrogged tents on staggered harvest dates. I usually did 1-2 months apart.

Then a tent for veg.