Perpetual crop help

How does one start a perpetual crop with 300 plants

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With lots of help.


Lol yeah of course but should it be split 150, then wait a month an start the next?

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If your about to have 300 plants I feel like you should already know things like this :rofl::rofl: flying by the seat of your pants it sounds like.


I run a perpetual grow. I personally would run it in thirds. Flower for 30 days, start next batch to flower while the last 100 veg for 30 days. I do 45 plants and it’s alot of work. If you’ve never done a perpetual grow, 300 plants is too much. Not being snide, just want you to be successful. You will also need some big mother plants.


You are not wrong lol.


Didnt take that as snide, just educational appreciate it.


300 is the end game, just needed an idea of how to start it.

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I’m prepping for 196 plants in 8 stage flower room and a separate veg room 4 inch pvc racks 7 to 10 day veg lil Christmas treee farm want 25 coming down and going in a week


What’s your current plan? Or at least what do you have to work with? 300 plants grown from clone with little veg time wouldn’t be that big of a deal in the right setup. Also wondering what the significance of 300 plants is, plant count limit?


U have to determine how often you want a crop divide that by your space …once y oil u can figure out your time correlation between plant si,e bud weight and chop schedule it shouldn’t be had… ur problem if the bat is going to be having a healthy supply of mothers with a health number if clones availbe…if your clone game ain’t on point then ur gonna have fun perpetuating a certain goal per harvest…if you have a big enough space and enough strains your gonna want a little bit taken from each mother till she is cut back to the point she don’t have any branches worth taking or there too woody or what ever the case may be… but once you cut he back…of and word of advice I got 4 mothers right now when u take a clone always leave atleast a leaf or 2 on the main side of the plant because that will be where your replenishing branches will be popping out of so don’t hack limbs completely off

if you look st the center plant alot of the bottom has been takin as cuts already but that’s ok because bottom branches grow disappointing weed unless u can get them to grow up to the screen and get it equal light any thing under the net of a scrog is supposed to be taken just before u flip to flower so while my perpetual is being prepped I got the mom’s scoging and I got 3 mom mom and a army already behind them and all the clones are full.
. Hopefully by this coming weekend and we don’t get blown away from this hurricane I will build first quadrant of my rooms 49 plant rack and fill half of it every week… eventually all 4 sections cut in half will be full every week with rooted clones wonce r
They come out the cloner get a transplant I’m gonna push em hard for a week to 10 days depending on there growth rate but I don’t want big plants I’m trying to get a 1 week to 10 day turn around and as long as I fill the canopy of the quadrants… a canopy is a canopy what’s the difference ina single plant growing through 49 square and 49 small plants going through nothing in a 1/5 of the time …time is the only difference in my experience this my4th 5th grow and I won’t be counting anymore after this is up and running but I will show uthime benefits of cutting out a long veg time if you can supplement the veg time with clone numbers …when you screen a plant it’s to make an even canopy…and everything under the canopy gets stripped off the plant so all energy is focused to the buds…so if you can replicate that same canopy and cut out time how can u loose… only con to small plants I’ve noticed is there delicacy to pests… if u have a plant with 1000 leaves and it looses 20 leaves u wouldn’t even notice…but u have a small plant that only has 15 leaves loose 5 to say aphids thrips or mites or something like that it’s a much high percentage of foliage to loose and flowering plants need leaves so bug prevention is I’mportant more then on bigger plants and I have grown big plants in small pots small plants in big pots and alot of sizes in between… my opinion the best weed I grew were plants smaller then 2 feet tall and the very best of them was a main cola and 3 smaller side colas in trained which mean even faster growth and the plant won’t be soooooo high you have to diligent search for bugs and pests … but that single cola was a 3rd generation clone and the weed was atleast 3 to 4 times better then the weed that came from the morher… only thing different… plant size… exact Gene’s food light environment if anything it got less light because I had 3 to 4 foot main lines shadowing it so I feel the less the plant has to focus its energy in the more spot on other nature gives you wat your trying to to acheive…


2200sqft house, can do whatever is needed. Looking to do SOG. 300 plants is the license.
This just got approved so looking for more idea’s on how to start, doesn’t need to be 300 right off the bat. Just looking for a way to start.

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That works. Does license specify if its 300 plants total, or mature plants, plants in flower, or anything like that?

Subtle details like that vary from state to state, and can make or break a specific grow method.

292 total plants total. 1100grams or something close to that, cant remember at the moment. For a friend who broke his back an knee.


You may want to double check on flower weight. 1100 grams wouldn’t be difficult to get on 30 plants.

Running a 300 plant grow is pretty much full time job. If you have the time, you can get to where you harvest a plant every day, or a handful of plants every week, or once a month. Time is money, and from that respect vegging plants cost money. So you try to find the best balance of working within your numbers to get most flower in shortest time you can.


Missed a zero. 11000. So having 10 or so flower rooms all at different stages would work the best then correct?

Man, thank you so much for this, exactly what I was looking for! Appreciate the time you took to write that up fella!!

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No bbn problem it just takes a few grows of experimenting with out the expectation ig a1 primo crop look toward a small scale at first u might not have this as a skill or it might not come as easy to you would he better to learn witha few plants then a few hundred much cheaper lessons and you can do multiple scenarios side by side you don’t have to do 10x 10 room grows to say hey that wasent the best idea …I fucked up alot of crop I grew alot of shit weed but it’s getting better and better every harvest and theres a list if no nos getting a little longer after every harvest soon you’ll be on auto pilot and it will be a game of numbers instead of variables you’ll know what variables are they and you will learn how to prevent them altogether or deal with them when they arise… I’ve had soooooo many hurdles throughout but I do soil drenches for fungus gnats, root aphids and all kinds of molds and I do insecticidal soap as a preventative maintenance for bug detergent if one decides to find it’s way in …it will taste nasty shit instead of delicious virgin cannabis leaves

Been experimenting for a year now, havent had any serious problems as of yet, cropped out twice an honestly it’s not top shelf but for a first an second attempt it turned out way better then expected. Taking a cannabis course in school, we just haven’t taken large crop facilities yet. Not saying I’m Dr. Greenthumb or anything but the quailty is there.

Ok so that’s good my high school ok l was a environmental science magnet program so I learned alot before I’d ever thought I’d use it for lol

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