Perpetual AutoPot Grow

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Life has been keeping me busy and haven’t had much time for a journal but a few folks have been asking so here goes. I will update when I’m able.

There are 2 Grand Daddy Purple, 2 LSD, 1 Super Critical Bud (mainlined) and 1 Fruit punch (mainlined but not maintained because I was away for 2 weeks). All photos

Seeds dropped about December 13 and here they are on the 19th

Here they are in January 7th

On January 20th I moved them from my veg tent to the flower tent after my harvest and sanitation of the tent.

I left them from January 26-Feb 11th and did some defoliation when I came home and flipped to flower;

There are just cranking along right now in their transition stage and really starting to stretch. I’ll be around for another week and then head to Florida for 2 weeks. Reason I bought AutoPots :sunglasses:

I’ll snap a picture tonight to show the stretch and update as I can.

When I return from Florida I will be dropping 5 Auto seeds for the veg tent.

Thanks for looking!


They look beautiful :heart_eyes:… thanks for the tag I’ll grab some snacks and set to watch

:tumbler_glass: :fried_shrimp: :cheese: RoorRip



I’ll be lurking in the corner :sunglasses:

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These are great looking! Have a grear vacation.

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looking great. they have grown fast

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Thanks @MeEasy @StonedCold13 @beachglass @BudzMS

My grows have definitely improved from all the advice from great people on these forums!

I’d say it’s not a vacation @beachglass but anytime I can hang at the ocean I guess it’s a vacation :joy:

I tent to split my time between Florida and Massachusetts during the cold months.


Enjoy your well deserved vacation! Thank you so much for your the tag - those girls look great.

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Thanks @JaneQP


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Nice clean setup, I love it!!!

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Thanks @Pinboy

:+1: enjoy the nice weather! My new plan is to be down there the 2 or 3rd, I can’t wait!

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What part of FL @Pinboy ?

10 days since flip. on 12/12 and will be reducing on Friday to 13/11

2 on right are Granddaddy Purple
2 on left are LSD

From the other opening on tent. One in middle is Fruit punch on the one you can hardly see on right in middle is Super Critical Bud.

Thanks for looking!


See how healthy they grow when you let the roots bottom feed and the fabric pots strain the water to keep the salt build up on the outside and not on the inside of the pots . This shall be good :+1:!


This is my fourth autopot grow and they are getting easier and easier.

They tend to do better when I leave for 2 weeks and don’t muck with them :joy:


Exactly which is why your results are beyond what you first done . Less is best :ok_hand: but if you stress them in the right timing , oh boy they respond so awesome :ok_hand: and get really huge and heavy .


Yah. I super cropped one a couple grows ago. What results!

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If you do it right in week 3 of 4 in veg and put a screen on them and veg them for about 2 weeks following and flip , nice full canopy !

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Not a fan of a net when tent is full.

That said this summer I’m going to do a scrog with just 2 plants.

Lookin great your gonna have some big girls!
I go to Englewood, it’s a little over an hour north of ft.Meyers, gulf side

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My brother is in Bradenton. I’m about 10 miles south of Daytona

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