Peroxide bath for WPM after harvest?

Ok so I’m harvesting some of my plants. I noticed a small trace of WPM on some of the fan leaves. I don’t see any in the buds. However, I’m wondering if I should take a precautionary step & give the buds a hydrogen peroxide bath? That shouldn’t f7ck up the trichs on the weed, will it?

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It is perfectly safe to wash your buds. In a 5 gallon bucket or equivalent use 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide (no special stuff just th brown bottle from any corner store) in room temperature water and a second bucket with water only. Carefully swishing the buds in peroxide for a full minute don’t bang em on the sides or bottom of the buckets and rinse in the water. Hang them with a fan blowing on them only till they stop dripping then dry as you normally would. For more information about it I would Google George Cervantes he has a video on washing buds and he actually includes baking soda and lemon juice in his


It’s a good idea to wash your buds regardless WPM or not… 99% of the weed you’ve ever smoked has mold spores in the bud… peroxide will kill spores and prevent spread from unsceen… and once you wash the buds you’ll see kinda oil slick that’s mold and you’ll see a bunch of dust hair dead skin bug poop… bugs… you’ll be like WTF thank god I washed that


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Yep, you’re absolutely right, the gunk I saw floating on the top. I’ve noticed alot don’t trim their weed. I do. I don’t do a perfect trim, obviously, but must trim out the leaves sticking out. Should I not do that?

It’s up to you , some feel sugar leaves cary a harsh taste …some process there trim into hash or edibles … some like a lil roughage and bulk to there joints but most connoisseurs like 0 sugar leaf no crows feet ( stems of lower fans under a bud) its personal preference …there no wrong way to eat a reese’s :wink:

I meant trimming them prior to giving them the peroxide bath. I did trim mine but only the fan leaves & any other random ones sticking out. And then I give them their bath.

cut, rinse, hang to dry all in one shot is how I have done it… only 2 times so far but it works. no need to change what works. After seeing the nastiness in the water/peroxide, I will do this every harvest.

Sounds like you did a good amount

You can do it either way. I used to only trim the sugar leaves and then wash and dry, and they trim the smaller leaves. This last time I did a pretty good trim before washing and drying. A bit messier, as in sticky hands and scissors, but way easier to finish and jar at the other end. I am thinking I will do it this way going forward