Peroxide and caterpillars... How long to soak?

Hi all, so some of you I’ve talked to and been given some great advice as a first timer here… Thank you all! Quick recap : I saw some rot spots on some buds (one bag seed I threw in the ground). Decided to harvest top half of plant early to make sure I didn’t lose it all. Realized that most of the spots of rot were from caterpillars. Mostly little guys. I soaked in H2O2 as I was cutting. Maybe I didn’t soak them long enough? I’m seeing some caterpillars hanging off my drying buds 4 days later… I’m pretty sure I had enough H2O2 as I used half a 16oz bottle to about a gallon and a half… I’m guessing I didn’t let them soak long enough… I kept em in there for 5 mins each tops…

Im not sure peroxide will kill caterpillars @FuzzyD
Ill tag a couple of the other mod as see what there take is
@garrigan62 @Donaldj @Hogmaster

No it won`t kill Them


ok, so the peroxide is just a wash…got it. I guess I’m happy to not have any dead guys on there…as long as they stop eating the plant! It seems like they were all abandoning ship cause the plant was drying out…which I will take as a good sign.


Caterpillar poop is called “frass” and stays in affected areas of bud, that causes the bud to rot. The damn caterpillars move on to the next tasty bud leaving a frickin mess, those little bastiges. As you can see I hate em. Been killing them all day everyday. Over forty so far. Nets and a enclosed shelter to keep those moths out next season.

yea they are a pain! i have been picking a bunch off the remaining crop i have…nets sound like a good idea next year…

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