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I’m sorry for your loss, yes unfortunately we got hit hard, my buddy sent me that pic, we had some plants close to the river I assume there all gone, we had just harvested a field of melons when the storm rolled in but the good thing all animals were saved and no one died, material things can be replaced, I hope the sun shines bright and your plants do a full recovery , have a great day my friend @HvtAna1988


Good news for the animals! Nature rullzz!!! Next time maybe we get more luck from the mother nature! Hehe …! a new round of rain is about to come again here … a pic for you my friend too!! @Mrcrabs image|375x500


Hello guys! What can you say about those pretty a like female bananas? It looks pretty much like it to me :smile: ! They look so beautiful…


Yeah it’s pretty. But it’s a devil in disguise. That’s a hermie and the bananas are what holds the pollen
You can pluck them off and try to keep up till harvest but , you run the chance of getting seeds and possibly pollinating other plants.
Sorry for the bad news @Hvtana1988


Sorry, but @Nug-bug is right, that’s a hermie.


Bye bye hermie !!! It was a nice experience anyway… ! I m leaving my other females alone.


Sorry bout your hermie, but it’s better that way if you didn’t want to get seeds. How are there rest of your gals, did they recover from the rain? @HvtAna1988


One plant died, the one that was big (picture 1), It couldnt be saved. The other one looks better now, I removed all dead leafs (picture 2). The only big female that was strong enough looks healty and untouchable (picture 3). Aaaaanddd… the two babys Strawberry Amnesia now they grew so big and they are looking very gold and bushy 28 days old… the rest of the picture. Oppinions? :smile: we are still fighting to grow and not to die!!! @Mrcrabs @FloridaSon @raustin and all my followers


Strawberry Amnesia 28 days ourdoor, how about them? Healthy, isnt it?


Strawberry amnesia, looking stunning, she’s a monster for 28 days, good job, the others should recover slowly don’t count them out just yet, Have a wonderful day my friend @HvtAna1988


The strawberry looks great, but the others might slowly recover just give them a chance.


Good morning, wonderful people! Here is 08:00 AM! Have a lovely day beautiful growers! :kissing_heart:



Enjoy the rest of your day, it’s 6:20am over ihere, great way to start your morning, @HvtAna1988


After 1 week, update. Fresh topped and still fat



Waiting, waiting and waiting… for how long? I forgoth to count! Can’t wait!!! Yummy! (Indoor secret) Nebula


Hello lovely beautiful growers! So… I made some final changes on my teenagers! My mini garden turned into
Vintage style till autumn! But, as you can all see I ve noticed a street lamp that can harm my crops in the future… My girls are having light all night long till morning ! I m not sure I over react but it is really to “sunny” at night for them. Isnt it? Should I be worried? Can i do something to cut that light in my garden? Or cover them with something to make shadows… have no ideea what to do exactly! Btw cannot move the girls anywhere else so I must find another way, if its harmfull during the night. Posted picture day amd night. @FloridaSon @LF-the-OG @Nug-bug @mountainman1 @MattyBear @DieHigh55 @Big123 @Screwauger @Mrcrabs @mountainman1


@garrigan65 @highcountrygal @TDubWilly @SmoknGranny @Johnzy81


Yes that light will affect them .
Can you make a tarp wall or something to shade them? That will definitely make them hermie once in flower, if they even go through transition.
Or you could take a bb gun… :thinking:
But ya neighbors might not like it.
Definitely need to sort something out


I was thinking for some seconds to destroy that light bulb with a rock but that light is in a military unit :smile: ! Army is my neighbour ! Omg


Oh sh#t yeah never mind :joy:
If you cover them be sure they have air flow so mold can’t get started