Permanently Outside


She looks really thirsty to me. Give her a good watering and see if she perks back up :v:


I agree with @MattyBear, but just incase have you had much rain in your area lately @HvtAna1988.?


She looks thirsty and hungry! Start feeding her full strength nutrients today.


5 days rain !!! Nonstop


She could well be drowning so be very careful with watering.


@MattyBear @raustin what do you think folk’s.?


I draind the earth somehow, after rain


I think she still needs to be fed. 5 days of straight rain could have washed out a lot of the nutrients in the soil


Ok, then she’s drowning, and all her nutrients have washed away. The only thing you can do is let her dry out as best you can. I suspect her soil is waterlogged, so you can try poking a stick into the soil around her to get that water to drain.


I m so sad guys… depressed! First grow first…shock! :frowning:


Just a few days ago positive comments, beautiful good looking plant and now this? So quick? Ohhh… Yesterday All I did was crying! Never thought that an MJ plant could make me cry and not even smoked it, lol… :frowning:


Oh no, don’t cry! She’s gonna be ok and it’s not your fault. You can’t control the weather and all that rain will kill any plant. How does she look today?


Worse @raustin , worse… I couldnt take a picture, that bad she looks…! I cant help myself not being sad :(:sob:


Update! :frowning: ! Is there any chance for getting better? Ohhh :frowning:


Take off all the yellowing /dying leaves and poke some holes into the soil around rootzone to get some air to the roots . Fingers crossed she will pick up.


Did that already, 5 days ago and 2 days ago and still no results :frowning:


Sorry @HvtAna1988 Im not sure what else to offer. Pray for some sun.


@HvtAna1988 I’m sorry for your situation, I’m going thru the same thing with my outdoor plants, they were by the river and we got some flash flooding that way, I’m pretty sure mine are gone. Are you in Texas also? We’re have had Thunder showers on and off all week, Mabye try and put a tarp over her, it suxs but we can’t stop Mother Nature IMG_8230 This is what we’re dealing with, not me but my outdoor plants were in that area


Omg @Mrcrabs ! I cant even give a like at your photo :frowning: … I m so sorry for whats happening there in Texas and in other places too! I m not from Texas but I had bad weather too, 7 days constantly rain…! I m from Hungary! Greetings from Europe to everybody! Take care… I m still yamming about my plants, consumed all my tears for this year already


Out of prayers :frowning: