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I believe @TDubWilly has a link you can use or go from the main website to access it. Robert also sends out reminders in his emails for anyone interested.


Ask and ye shall receive



@Johnzy81 .


This must be your journal @HvtAna1988 I give it a read through and check up on everything that has gone on so far and I’ll follow along :v:️.


Yes, that is right. The reason was to have you here arround! Thank you again for following… just like other users I meet here, kind, respectfull and…helpfullll!! :*


Thanks, Will’!


That’s great @HvtAna1988, I really enjoy helping other people to make thing’s better and I love organic growing, this is an excellent forum with the best off people to help us out at any stage we would like, thank you for the tag also :+1:.


Your very welcome
I see that you are a new member

Welcome to our world of growing at ILGM And you have already met some of our finest members and there’s a hole lot more of them learking around the forum…lol
So anyway Welcome to the community



Post update! As I looked forward to transplant them in soil 3 weeks ago, this happened! 2 months old already. They thrive! Bushy and beautiful colllass… !



Wow. Looking good my friend


Thanks @Mrcrabs ! she grows really fast… I think she will double her size until autumn…:))


Beautiful plants.


Thank you very much, @raustin ! Nice from you to leava such a positive reply! :smile: :kissing_heart: :hugs:


Well, you’re doing a great job.


I had from who to read about growing experience! :wink:


Very well done @HvtAna1988 your plants a looking beautiful :+1:.


@raustin ! Neet help! … its urgent !!! I dont know what happend and what can I do!!!


She will die!! It happend to another plant to! In two days dead !! No nutrients extra… just 5-5-5 … i kept it natural!! What happend …?? I m soo depressed


How can i save her??