Permanently Outside


The only pest repellent I use is a garlic spray. It’s natural and doesn’t harm the plant.


That good of yield at high temps is awesome. Must be that Mexican part of the strain.


Kool, that’s awesome, do you make your own spray? What is the ratio to water mix? Does it work on mites?


I buy it from a nursurey …it works for mites, aphids, and worms.


You can make your own…take 4 garlic cloves and crush them…soak them in 2 cups of water, and strain them with a coffee filter into a spray bottle. It works,


Works for mites, aphids, and worms. They hate the smell.




Thx Jedi. I don’t grow any sativas at all. I do grow a couple of hybrids but nothing with mexican genetics.


This plant is 5 weeks old. I dont know the strain… it looks more like an sativa strain. I picked a seed from a bud stash and plant it, nurse and feed it. Do it looks ok for an 5 weeks old plant? Do the buds grow thicker in the future? I have noone to talk to about. She grows outdoor for 3 weeks now. How long from now on should I let her grow? Thank you very much


For 5 weeks your plant looks great. It is flowering though. Either it’s an auto flower or its getting 12+ hours of darkness
The buds will get bigger , as long as the nights stay longer. But if it’s not an auto once the daylight gets longer she will reveg and become a huge girl, before entering flower in the fall @HvtAna1988


Thank you very much! You are very kind! Yes, indeed! I m living in est europe and now in this period until June the days are 12/13hours and nights12! As the June comes with more hours of daylight it may reveg until next flowering period! I was worried about the fact that it will remain that short, alltough she is growin more and more, dense, thick. Next to her i have 2 pots, maybe indica strains! These other 2 flower have 4 weeks, didnt show any signs of sex, they are still vegging and the size of leaves and new leaves increase. What do you think about those too? Hopefully they will turn with a surprise preflower female!!!


They are fine. Plants don’t always show sex at same time. When it’s mature it will show .
On their time line now.
Keep em green :sunglasses:


Btw! 30 yrs old, female here :)))! Yes! I will keep them always green! They look very healthy outside! Hopefully my first grow will have good results! Passion here :sunglasses:. Can I come in the future with any question at you if that is possible for you?


Sure no problem just tag me so I’ll know
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I dont know how to tag! My first post on here! Maybe can I add users to a friendlist? Best wishes, Anamaria


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@Nug-bug ! I have 2 more indoor to! I grow them near the window and looking very good! The first plant still no sign of sex, but I hope it ll be a girl… and the second one is a male! I keep them apart from each other! No extra light, just a lil bit sun till



If it were me, I would destroy the male.
Unless your wanting seeds,and mediocre medicine.
The female once pollinated will focus on producing seeds instead of resin.


Welcome to ILGM! U will find a lot of info here and many female growers as well.

If only 1 of your 3 outdoor plants are flowering I would guess it’s an auto. The other 2 would b flowering as well if it were the light schedule. Looks like it’s been flowering for a few weeks as well.

Odd to get an auto seed out of a bag of weed but hey U got lucky. Your plants are lookin super happy and lovin that sun.

Oh ya and that male will pollinate plants for like a mile. I would cull it as well