Permanently Outside


Sorry to hear that. There is some real piece of shit people out there. Looks like it’s time to start growing inside. Hopefully you find out who did it and make their lives miserable


That sucks. I always worry about that. 99% of the time it is someone who knew you were growing or a friend of that person. Some type of security is necessary. Motion detector light, camera,barbed wire, land mines. I’m in a legal state and the hydro stores sell fenced cages for growing. Basically a dog run with a top but 5x the price.


Had it happen to me before to @HvtAna1988. Its always someone you know…just keep your ears open and you will hear of some great weed going around…sorry about your luck


But they were not ready yet :sleepy: ! That is crushing me harder! They were killed before they end up ready :tired_face: . I suspect a friend of mine who offers to help at harvest, girl 34 years okd and with two kids! And i m sure its her and her husband

Ohhhh God :sob:


I never thoght about theft! I was concerned more about legal security, not this kind of stuffs! I m so sick about everything


Oh no, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Your girls looked beautiful, but it’s all a part of the outdoor grow. You just never know who will screw you for your plants. Try not to be too upset and don’t let it discourage you.


I’m so sorry. People suck.


So sorry to hear that@ HvAna1988. Happened to me. 12 afganny beauties the night before i was to harvest. PERFECT plants that i also tended painstakingly. INSIDE JOB man. No doubt. We all feel your pain. :sunglasses:


And al 12 were robbed? Omg … that is disgusting!!! :tired_face: No indoor setup :sleepy:


No indoor…yet, either. So sorry. Lots of asshole looking to steal your grow! INSIDE job, for sure. Looking how easy it is to do a good DYI light. These people are genius’. I lack experience and self confidence. May do it any way. Was told by someone who KNOWS… I can do it. Cash at tax return time, well spent. Always outside, so far. Snows here in the winter. :sunglasses: Had a tent when i knew nothing. If i had the space now… I’d be golden.


Noooooo! Horrible wretched POS people… im so sorry to hear about this Ana… :sob::sob::sob: you truly had a beautiful grow going. As everyone else said… 99% of the time its an inside job. But alas… im super bummed for u


Thanks for sharing the same feelings :sob: