Permanently Outside


Very cool idea. Interesting.

Thank you.

stretchgfw :sunglasses:


Wait, like actual clowns, or just homeless people who are clowny? There’s a difference in that smell. The former includes a lot more popcorn aroma.


This are the buds that smells like @Bogleg describe : like a car after a bunch of homeless clowns had an orgy in it for awhile! Uhh! :joy:

I ve noticed that the smell is mooore potent now! Kind of sweat with cheese flavour but with some light sweet hints :grin:

If anyone want to play: “Guess the strain” game, I would love to come with more info.
I guess it could be Cheese strain herself! But thats just a guess…
Today she turned 5 months sharp from seed, she definetly is an sativa strain by the look of her leaves mostly in her veg stage.
Dense buds and sticky too…
Beautiful bagseed anyway! I cant wait to cut her down and put her babys in jars!

Some bud porn to help out:



Nice bud porn!


:heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :hugs:


Very nice :evergreen_tree: You have !:+1:


Did you cut nutes?


Wow. Great job!:money_mouth_face::sunglasses:


Yes, i cut nuts 2 wks ago… I hope its not to sooon! First girl on harvest


Thank you, ILGM !!! I :love_letter: growing :green_heart: !!!

Good morning, lovely growers! :hugs: :heart_eyes: It’s chilly outside… 14 C overhere!
Green hugs from Germany!



Great job with your forest , I’m so happy for you my friend


This are my girls from home, one of 3! My forest needs 6 more weeks … ! Havent seen you a long time my old friend @Mrcrabs


Awesome, your Gona have your hand full of colas, I’m happy for you my friend


Just noticed you’re from Germany! My mom’s German and my family on her side lives there, in the Sauerland. Very cool! I was over last year for the first time in a very long time and now I REALLY miss it.



Great job @HvtAna1988


And now… it begins! You’re gonna have lbs of weed Ana. Goodjob so far. Clean those trimmers and back to work :joy::rofl::clap:t5::clap:t5:


Aphids. Our plants had them as well and we sprayed with All Seasons concentrate - mixed with water, and sprayed several times a day (it loses its potency when dry) for 2 weeks and ALL our aphids were killed and have not had issues in several weeks. It is what was recommended by the dispensary we got the plants at.


Hello guys! I came with an very sad update to you all!

Remember my plants from home? I posted pictures with them above… those beautiful ones in 60 l pots and some directly in soil. Yesterday when I came home in the morning from night shift I find out that all my plans were robbed! Found them like in the pictures!

Someone cross over my property in the night and cut my plants, they even stoled all the cutings… I dont know how I feel but I am very dissapointed! I only harvest one plant as you can see above… and the rest of them that were stoled they still had 4 weeks to go!

All plants from this journal are gone! I nursed them months… and felt inlove with them. I cant help my self not to cry! My first girls, first grow… why??? Why did I deserved this??