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Thank you Covert :kissing_heart:


I wish I could send you one of my harvest crews, or let you use one of my machines to trim… do you have containers for all of the buds to store in yet?

Once your drying areas are set up do not be worried about harvesting the plants a couple days early, you will need the extra time to get them down. Those are very leafy strains you have grown, so there are many leafs to trim off.

Make sure to have your pruning shears for the side branches, and 3 different trimming scissors to trade off when they get sticky, have a jar or bowl with some rubbing alcohol soak the scissors in to get the build up off them, paper towels to wipe the scissors off, and some latex or nitrile gloves to keep your hands clean, and a really comfortable chair to sit in while trimming.

The sooner you have it all set up and ready the smoother harvest will go.


That’s no stem! That’s a tree trunk!! Lol

Looking great, girl!


10000xthanks :kissing_heart: :hugs:


I have this everytime i look at the outside grows :frowning: but still insist torchering myself looking!!

Beautiful young ladies you have there, great job :slight_smile:


Absolutely one of the most impressive grows I’ve watched. :clap:t2: You have done an exceptional job and you have every right to be proud of your efforts. The proof is in your pics. :star::star::star::star::star:


Its a friken jungle! You go girl!


Yeah, that is some major insanity. Keep it growing!


Thank you all !! :kissing_heart:


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My dear followers, I m having some problems with my girls… and I am out of solution. I m not sure what can I do to help them out.

This are my 2 Strawberry Amnesia exactly 4 months old. Ppm was 1340 4 days ago… and ph in 6,3 out 6,5.
I was thinking it could be nute burn by the look of the leafs… so I gradually stopped feeding and gave the girls only water with calcium and magnesium. Before that I cut the damaged leafs but new leafs turned yellow again… and she looks just like that now:

Second problem, another girl that is more mature then the other (5 months old)… just changed her smell. Her buds are smelling very weird, like sour sweat, it feels pinchy to the nose… I know that marijuana can change the smell, but really like sweat? I cant stand her smell , it is like… I dont even now but its not normal :disappointed_relieved: . I m affraid that she is not ok although she looks ok.

It is my first grow! Havent smell any living BUD till yet… ! Any tips? :persevere:




Ok, don’t panic. Let’s start with the first girl. What size pot is she in? Is it possible she’s rootbound? Because she looks it. I don’t see any nute burn, in fact, she looks hungry. I suspect there’s little soil left in the pot to hold the nutes, so you’ll have to start feeding more frequently. 1340 PPM is a bit low for such a big plant at her age. I would have her up to 1800.

As for the second girl, I’ve heard of the sweaty sock smell, but that should change again especially once she’s dried and cured, so don’t worry.


Call her GF funk! :joy:


Thank you so much Raustin for your answer. I apreciate every single word!

The first and second girl are in 16 gallon pot (they were fed NPK-5/21/20+CalMg+Vitamin C/B1/B6 and Iron), they really .
The third girl (the one with the fat old buds) 10 gallon pot (NPK-5/50/34 +CaMg+VitC/B1,B6). I will looking forward to pump up the dose.

You sure saw theire evolution, I’ve been knocking you and some of yours fello’ dear friends with photos and uptodates a long time ago :joy: . I m even amazed that I m not being annoying… hopefully! :smile:

And as far about the smelly yuuucksy one, I hope its just the smell…!
I m affraaaidof rootbound…Raustin…


The other thing I should’ve mentioned is these girls are nearing harvest, so the yellow leaves will happen naturally the further they get. In a few weeks you won’t have to worry about it anymore and can just let them yellow. For now, as I said, up their feeding schedule to more frequency and that should take care of it.

Never worry, you’re not being annoying.


:smile: ! :rofl:


“Sweat” is definitely a common odor. My blueberry auto smelled like a car after a bunch of homeless clowns had an orgy in it for awhile.

I’m with @Raustin - I think your plants look root bound and/or PK deficient. I have two in pots outside and they are doing the same thing. :smiley:


Also - those other outdoor plants are effing amazing! I hope you have trimming help.


Great idea. Where?


I’m pretty sure you can order them from Amazon. You can find other predators like mantis.