Permanently Outside


Looks great


Cheez, that’s freaking awesome @HvtAna1988


I love stalk porn! Beautiful plants.


Good morning everyone


Great looking Plants , and Directly in the Ground. That’s how I like to grow . Were these started from seed or cuttings ?


My hats off to you @HvtAna1988!!! As an outside grower I know your pains and triumphs! Beautiful plants and monster plants…I don’t envy you come harvest time…no I take that back… I do


Looking like an epic tree grow @HvtAna1988


Its a jungle. Actually like 3 seperate jungles. WOW :heart_eyes::drooling_face::heart_eyes:


That stalk!! Wowzee! :sunglasses::green_heart:


You were just 11 days ago so damn right! :smile: She looks like muffins now, that fast she swelled! :laughing: :blush: :sunny:


Thank you, a lot !!! :kissing_heart:


Then glad you had a good morning ! Yeah, a lot to do in the fall, I will have some free from my work for all that I have. :smile: People are busy in the fall, anyways :four_leaf_clover: :smile:


Oh, thanks, really thank you! :kissing_closed_eyes:


Serious case of outdoor envy? We should put up a plan to close this case! Hehehehe :yum: I will share a bite with you! Smiiileee! Thanks… :kissing_heart:


This is not a good idea, a wonderful idea! It totally seems a perfect! It keeps you and your plants safe and healthy! I look forward to see this a come true !


Thank you :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I know you do, and you even adore knuckels :yum: right !? :kissing_heart: thank you


It was a beautiful one, indeed @Hogmaster :see_no_evil:


Yeah, more vintage… around all kind of other plants, mimmming the natur! They are regular seeds (photo) :four_leaf_clover: :kissing_heart: thanks for your opinion


Thank you. So glad that you wrote that you know my pains too, it is really exhausting already! :smile: I wont give up until cuttingg day,… probably I will look like a monster around them! :smile: