Permanently Outside


You mean to cut the stem in a half ? Interesting… please be more specific, detailes!!! Thaaanks


I ve been thinking at your advice and not stressing more about them! I think that it will be fine! Everything is going to be ok! Nature will keep our fingers crossed for a reason :yum:


Do not try splitting the main stem on the plants on the farm. You do not have supports up and it will rip them in half. If you want to try it… do it on the smaller plants in the pots and support their sides well. It is done in the last days before harvest to stress the plants to attempt to produce more tricomes. There is info on this topic on the forums of this website if you search for it.

I do not personally do any stressing of my grows, because I do not have to. I keep my plants happy all the way to the end and they frosty tight nugget ladies.


Me neither! I dont want to stress any of my plants at all, not even the one that I have in pots outside! They are doing very good! I feel them very healthy! Healthy greeen! The wind broke only one of my all stems and I stiched it back and now she doing ok. I agree, just let the mother nature do her job. It is still to early to stress the girls. Right @LF-the-OG . Thank you very much for taking care around here… thank you!!! :blush: :hugs: Its 22:00PM here so now the girls are sleeping! 1’86cm height


do not cut!!! the plants are beautaful… i was traying to say cover the tops of the potted plants. buy cutting plywood cover and making two halfs buy cutting the plywood… it helps them stay a little warmer.
done worrie if you dont get it all 100% it happens, very nice plants. keep us posted on the harvest.


I will see for some plywood covers and will get the gals to the end… ! think positive, isnt it? :yum:


your doing great. your only a few weeks away. hope for good weather.


Thanks! I send to you deepanddown prayers too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile: :sunny:


Ok… so early this morning, on 06:00AM I gave the girls a yummy source of water…and drank my coffe next to them! ‘Course I did some pictures too. :slight_smile: @1BigFella @Sasquatch

This “little” monster turned like 7ft and gave me a baseball stem, loool! :smile: Beautiful green!

My oldest female, like usually… is in a hurry to fatten’ things up ! Not keeping any diet :yum: ! Fresh and young, though… ! Milkyness ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And my one of my 2 Strawberry Amnesia girls, is doing good, almost great! Execept for the yellow fan leaves, I know they are old and she is flowering so good and sucks leaves out… but anyway, I dont like it ! Want them green all their lives :unamused:


Autumn knocks on the door : outdoooor !
Autumn is coming… frosty yummy bites! :heart_eyes:


So… I took some photos of my big big girls that are hidden far away from home. Things look changed! They are much bigger now and I have serious buds on the branch! I ve been training them to strech on the base of the ground too… because they are to tall and here I have neighbours too!


A few Super Silver Haze, Lemon Haze, Trainwreck and Amnesia!



Forgoth to mention in my preview post one of them is Purple Haze… not purple yet but still a long way to go! :smile: I bend her down ground!

And this two, I called them Twisted Sisters! They grew one near another and I let them like this!

And some buds porn…And stem!

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Awesome plants WOW


Nothing like bud porn in the morning! @HvtAna1988 its going to be a busy fall harvest


Awesome job and a well kept journal keep it up :slight_smile:


OMG, i have a serious case of outdoor envy! Theyre monsters!! Wish texas would come on board & legalize it. Ive got too many crack heads around here , they will steal them or turn me in to get their butt outta trouble.
Simply georgeous!!!


I am planning greenhouse grow for next summer I picked up 250sqf of glass panes all same size plan is to build 6’ walls and do entire roof out of glass paint inside titanium white and let sun do the work. The design keeps eyes from seeing plants while letting sun in all day long reflecting it off walls as it moves through sky we may or may not be legal for outdoors by then but I suspect if you have the yard space you could try something similar :wink: