Permanently Outside


I remember reading those posts! Lovely journal lol



Buds are forming but those leaves…? yellow … :persevere:


You need to plan for providing a heat source to carry them to a ripe harvest. I don’t know what they call them, but citrus growers here use kerosene heaters placed throughout the groves to combat the cold.

I would’ve suggested frost blankets, but those are some big girls to try to cover. From the looks of the buds forming, you’ve just finished preflower and are just now entering the actual flowering phase. At least another 7 to 8 weeks away.

Doesn’t sound like good news, but you have time to prepare for the coming cold. If you get to the point that you can order known strains I would suggest indica dominant or auto flowering.

I wish I could be more help, but cold isn’t something I have to deal with. I was even thinking of doing some autos over the winter.


It is going to get cold here early as well. And my outdoor plants look like yours

They are about at the same flowering stage too. I think u should b fine. They can handle some cold temps just not consistent freezes. U can lay mulch or ground blankets. It’s more important to keep the roots warm.

Good luck on your nearing harvest.


Thanks for the input, Sister! It’s hard to give cold weather advice having only lived in Florida. Lol


Lool :smile: good for the people from Florida! Maybe they can give us some extra sunny day :smile:


You know if I could I would. :kissing_heart:


Yes, I know !!! You are very involved around here! :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes:


My bagseed is in a hurry to be a teenager! She really push up all her work on her milky buds! I was thinking about to name her, at least she deserves it… she makes beautiful flowers in raw veg conditions! I name her Eucalipta… because her smell is really smelling like Eucaliptus!



Copy that, roger!!! I write every little or big information from anybody about everything! You all should have a journal, growing one in a notebook… huuuh, like kids with pencils


Lol…not as much as before, but I still try.


Most strains with that smell tend to be nice and uplifting. I’m sure you will enjoy her!


Great outdoor grow my friend !!


Yes! You re right!



Just remember harvest what you can and do not feel bad if you cannot get it all done in time. You will have many hours of work soon and get that drying space set up now. Keep up the good growing and good luck.


Eucalipta (bagseed week 3 of flower) just after rain… Strawberry Amnesia (week 1 of flower) ! They really enjoyed the rain today! They will thrive tomorrrrowww!


Nice pics. Nice plants.


yes you should be fine. your in Black pots. make round plywood covers and lay on top of the pot. 3/8" Cut a hole for the stem and cut into half. also plastic cover Clear. you should get 3-4 weeks more time with it.


She only has a couple in pots in her backyard… read up on this post. She has a large outdoor grow in the ground as well at another location. 16 large plants she is trying to harvest solo. This is why I am saying if she cannot get it all not to stress over it.