Permanently Outside


Hello guys! I was gone for 5 days in vacantion and found my girls like this


Someone forgoth to water them 2 twice / day and we had 5 days heat wave !!! I was so sad… but now, after 3 days they are up and they are looking better. Isnt it growers?


Get a better babysitter!


Hahaha! Ya!!! You re 100% right :smile:


Can you tag me in your post? I cant find your grow


Update! 3 months old! Strawberry Amnesia! And milky buda unknown seed! Hmmm! And found this little guardian angel keeping a close eye on the girls! :smile: :kissing_heart:



Man, whoever tries to steal smoke from you better be prepared to deal with that massive dog you got😉


Corect ! :sunglasses:


Bagseed! Wish I could know how long to let her blooom!

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it is still early, maybe a month to go?
and oh man, that’s a beautiful looking grow you have there


Thats why I wonder how long… its a bag seed. Thank you very much for your answer ! :slight_smile:


Yep bag seed and bank seeds get treated all the same. Just watch the pistils and the trichs and remember ALMOST all flowering times are between 9-12 weeks.


5-6 weeks hopefully you don’t have all your ladies finish at the same time.


Yes. That girls looks like she is on her way to swelling very soon tho :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: i love that age


No :persevere: the others outdoor plants just started showing some pistils bulbs… 1 week into flower! I am a little bit concerned, here in late october the temperature is very low, very coold… i cant keep the girls 3 months from now on.


First time for me, and yes… I love her changes, day by day I find something new


The vegged the entire summer. Its very likely they will flower for a while @HvtAna1988. Im sorry. But im sure a few people around here have experienced beating a light frost or two


Yes, they vegged from april till now… oh my God! They almost reached the height of 300 cm and they have a long way to go! Will post this days photos with my monster gorrilla grow… I have 16 plants on my head and this bagseed


Very busy young lady. I remember thinking how busy ur going to be during harvest back in June/July. Would love to see those trees now


You will have a shock… as I! I see them 1/week and they are stunningly big. I start feeding them only with PK (50-37) cut the N…