Permanently Outside


Every plant has such a stem! 11 girls out there… all over


Would love to have a outdoor garden like that, but state I live in is still illegal. I got two outside gorilla style


Cornfield! Good cover! In my country is ilegal too even to smoke it, not to mention planting! Hopefully its safe arround here to play with pictures


I was concerned at first too since it can be used as evidence against me, but I finally had to conclude that my right to grow a plant is worth taking to trial if it came down to it.

I don’t sell, so they can only get me for cultivation and possession. I believe I could sway a jury to my thought process of growing my own medicine.


@FloridaSon, I agree with you brother, and it’s a damn shame we would have to do that when people just a few hundred miles from us have no fear from it at all…


I second this thought process


Yes, because thats the only reason we do grow lovely marijuana… we love growing marijuana! I love growing marijuana! We are not doing anything bad, maybe not raise her good :smile: , they are fragile green livings that help us makeing our life feel and be healthy and health, plays a big role in our life ! Wish you all, healthy green growers ! :wink:


Oh well I been growing for 39 years and I’m not stopping now! I’m gonna keep pushing forward!!


Corrrrect !!!


Ok so here is my advice to you…

After seeing everything you have going on at your home with the Army housing having a HPS light blasting into your backyard on top of your plants all night… and then seeing your large outdoor grow at the farm, then hearing that it is illegal to grow in your country, and that you are trying to do this whole process without help other than some watering help from grandma…This is all to find out you are doing this for personal consumption and not for economical gains.

This is your first growing venture and you have a major undertaking you’re trying to achieve. I HIGHLY suggest down sizing your grow. At your house I would take them all out now before they flower and the smells have a chance to drift into the neighborhood or worse into the military unit. Or leave just one at home to play with and harvest there in your drying room at the house. You will still need to overcome that night light issue though, so that is up to you…If you do make sure the air in there is being filtered or neutralized so the drying smells, which can get strong are not an issue… or people are going to know what you are doing really quickly.

At the farm… you have 11 larger plants that are doing very well… but this is a solo undertaking for personal and not commercial. If I had no help doing a grow of this size and no machines to speed up the harvest process I would downsize here too.

The process I would recommend would be to take your hands and between each of your different fingers. Take your fingers and rub the stems between them on some of the lower more mature side branches and smell the plants turp profiles. Those that smell the best to you keep and those that just smell like a hemp plant cut out now.

Second those that are more sativa dominate plants will tend to have longer flowering times, so three choices with those. First is to just remove them, second is to let nature take it course and try and harvest with the season, third is to force them to start early. I can not see what is on the other sides of the fence at the farm location, but if you are worried about the flowering process not making it before the change in the weather in Fall. Then forcing flowering early might be ideal.

I would try building a quick and cheap pvc hoop house and getting light deprivation plastic to cover it. Its white on one side black on other (black goes in towards plants). If this can be done without those on the outside of the fence seeing, you having the time and money to do it, and you can convince grandma to open in the morning and close it up tightly before they receive too much daylight. This is for a couple weeks prior to their natural flowering cycles… Its a lot of work for a personal grow.

I would suggest downsizing your total large plants down to six for a first time solo grow. I would also suggest if that farm is remote enough to look into setting up a large drying area inside that big barn if it is part of the property and its an option. That way it is not at your home location should it become a legal issue.

Whatever you choose to do… remember sometimes less is more when learning and you will have many hours ahead to finish a successful seed to cured product. I feel for you I do… and I would hate to see you get in trouble for doing a larger scale grow and, or get discouraged because you were overwhelmed by trying to finish every plant all alone.


Sweet!! Holy cow, what a harvest!! Nice job HvtAna1988


Have a nice day! 60l pot.


Very nice!! Thanks for sharing


Hello guys ! (60l pot) I m updating here some stuffs :yum: ! Those young girls are finally 9 weeks old from seed (Strawberry Amnesia, cross between Amnesia Haze and Strawberry Cough), havent seen many growers on here of this lovely strain. Interesting! What I want to say is that they almost trippled their size in the last 3 weeks, you can see the difference very clear if you look past photos of them. Its right that I started feeding their water 3 weeks ago with : NPK 4-20-30, plus 20ml extra Potassium (medical bottle), smashed Magnesium pils and Calcium, 2ml bottles with vitamin b1,b6 and double vitamin C dosis, and 2ml Iron medical bottle / 10l water, daily water with green tea,chamonille and mint. This ladys are veeery hungry at this point of age, maybe this strain is hungry… dont know but they really like to be good fed. Summer is on at home, hot days but rain helps us out often. What do you think of them?? They grow day by day and the smell is very powerfull already, very powerfull!!! Feels like strawberry yogurt with mint/orange/lemon haze but veeeery strong, my all yard is smelling! :kissing_heart: have a beautiful day, growers!


Lovley little paradise, my friend


Can you smell them outside of your fence yet? If they aren’t in full flower and you can smell them from a good distance… know your neighbors will smell them soon too. Even the military housing behind you…


Hello! Morning! We are bigger ! :blush:




Oh My, what a georgeous garden you have. My poor lil girls in their tent look like midgets compared to yours!


Yes but yours are a good strain too… and very potent ! They might be a better smoke then mine :wink: hihihi ! Wish you all the best !!!