Permanently Outside


Very nice plants. U r lucky to b in an environment where u can plant them and let them go.


Looks like you don’t need any advice from us! Maybe we need some from you! And come harvest time your gonna have your hands full…full of trimmed up buds!!! You say you wish you had some like mine? Belive it’s the other way around @HvtAna1988! Awesome


Are you :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: kidding me???

You said you were a new grower!

That old lady must help quite a bit!! Maybe she would enjoy helping at harvest as well. With what you could potentially yield from those will supply both of you all year!

My only real concern is you being able to take those sativa to maturity. They tend to finish late October to mid November. I’ve cut a few at our Thanksgiving Day dinner one year late in November.

The image of that tree trunk shows good room for airflow. You may need to do some interior leaf pruning at flowering, but those girls remind me of what my father grew, leading me to growing myself.

Damn, girl!


Yes, I still wish to swap grow :slight_smile: , hehe… you read my comment! You know for sure what your doing there and how to nurse and feed them right! We will keep in touch…! I never harvest a plant before!


Yes, the soil is very good, maybe thats why! Last year in that garden I put some cow/pig/chicken waste on the ground, my grandmother told me to do it! And of course, the weather was perfect in the spring


Yes, I am new but I think it is too much for me! I kind of exagerated with planting! Thats why I came to you… my concern is that i m not able to take them to maturity too… And the weather in October is pretty bad, cant afford take them in November, its freezing then! :frowning_face: ! And they are still fresh… We must force them somehow to fatten up very fast! Sadly, the old lady, grandmom doesnt smoke so I have to share it with someone else :smile: but she sure knows how to water them, she worked on hemp field when she was young… she is obligated to know! They drink a lot of water and I think that it will cost me the nutriments for then. As I constantly read almost every topic I find here… I learned a lot and I know that its very important now to feed them with Potassium? And later phosphorus? I m affraid to try before asking and asking again. The other plants that You know them for some time, the small ones they are at my house so I test them with nuts already, but my forest grow not because they are too healthy and big for experimentung on them. Not to mention beware of “people” with uniforms, am a lil bit scarred :slight_smile: . Stressed out !


Nice trees @HvtAna1988
They are beautiful


They have gotten huge
Nicely done
Great growing here


What is your ultimate goal with this years grow? Meaning is this for personal enjoyment/consumption? To share as gifts? Or is this economic gains?

I can give you sound advice but I need to know what you hope to achieve?


Don’t stress
Just be cool
It will be fine just don’t tell anyone your growing
As far as nutes go what are you gonna be using?


Just let them tell you what they need
With all the cow/chicken/pig manure that you worked in you may not need much in the way of nutrients just keep em watered and happy
If you need more phosphorus it is easy to mix up your own nutes or just buy some flower nutes
I like roots organics budda bloom
But I mix my own nutes
For flower I use seabird guano , cal mag , kelp meal , worm castings , and a lil bit of bat guano
I have a nute station though

I mix my dry ingredients in these bags
And I let em steep in my buckets for a couple days


No worries @HvtAna1988. We will get you threw this!


I appreciate it very much! Thank you Sitt :yum:


Wow those are some massive trees!!!
Great work :+1::ok_hand:


@Growit Do you have a journal on ur setup? I wanna go organic with nutes as well. You can just tag me in it :wink::joy:


Hello @LF-the-OG ! Sorry for the delay! My goal is to bring the girls to harvest for personal consumption, to smoke it with friends and anytime I feel to! I am sick and tired to buy weed whenever I want it to smoke. As I m a daily smoker it is very expesive to buy, here is 12$ 1 g of nugs, veeeery expensive! I want to have my own goood weed anytime!


Awwww @Growit ! You sure know what you doing there and how you mixed them! Your nuts I can buy them only online, cant find them in shop. But I do have something that I bought couple of months ago… dry nutriments, they look like small balls! I have a picture with NPK concentrate. Is this to
Much if I start using this? I was thinking to do with my nuts if its ok to use it the same thing you do with yours, steep in buckets


Yes he does ! If he hasnt tagged you yet, i ll do it now anyway


That’s a monster strength on tat tree. Wo


I hate this phone. I meant to say that that’s a monster stem on that plant