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Yeah, I agree with @Nug-bug. Maybe you could put up 4 stakes and drape a tarp over them at night. If that light is gonna be an issue in the future, I’d look into auto flowers for next year because they don’t mind the light :v:


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The reason your plants are growing so fast is they are getting 24 hours of light outside.

They will not flower and will die eventually from cold temps if you are in an area that has a cold winter.

The only way to get a harvest without shooting out the light… is to get the light deprivation plastic used for greenhouse grows and build a makeshift frame to cover them.

You will then need to cover them up when it gets dark outside and wake up and uncover them in the morning with the sunrise. It is extra work since you have that light so close to grow photo strains.

Next time it might be better to do autos and have that light work for you.


They’re both correct about the autos. Best choice for that damned night light! I have a similar issue with the neighbors behind me.

If you build a frame to support some kind of light blocker, make sure you make it big enough that the plants won’t make contact with whatever you use.


I recently moved to hawaii. I threw 3 seeds in a cup after they sprouted i spilt them up into 3 pots after week. Now their a month old and 3days. I noticed their really small. And here its 12/12 lights outside all yr round. I bought some led lights for another batch of seeds i just popped and they make a week tomorrow. What i do is the sun comes up @6am and down by around 7pm. I bring them indoors under led light till around 12-12:30am at nite to get 18hrs 6 hrs dark. The question i have is should i also bring the month old 3 orginal plants indoors to the led light aswell? Or its too late and they been confused for the past month with the 12/12 sunlight? Or just let them stay outside till sept oct nov and see what happens?


@islandp this is another members journal, if you can , creating a grow journal of your own and there will be a better chance of you getting the advice you need.
If the month old ones aren’t in flower then sure I would bring them in too


And my other feminized ladys…2 Lemon Haze, 4 Amnezia Haze, 3 Super Silver Haze, 2Trainwreck mash up they are very big! If you zoom the picture you can see me walking along them :smile: . Have them planted in soil 4 month ago, good hidden in an old backyard far away from home… visit them only 1time per week but I have an old lady who cares about them when I cant. They are my only big ones! Long time to go till harvest! Never feed them, just rain water and sometimes magnesium pils smashed in water. I guess I will need to feed them when her buds are starting to show their power … ! Would have showed them to you all earlier but I prefered to be sure about this forum… i m a lil bit more paranoid and Policefobic :smile:

Scroll up up up! I wrote the strains too. @Wildwest @Sittingbull64 @Growit @Hogmaster @Screwauger @anon95385719 @LF-the-OG @FloridaSon @highcountrygal @PurpNGold74


Scroll up up up! I wrote the strains too. @Nug-bug @MattyBear @Growit @Hogmaster @Screwauger @highcountrygal @LF-the-OG @FloridaSon @mulegal @PurpNGold74


I m happy about my roots ! At least they are fat!

@TwilightZone scroll up up @Sittingbull64 @HornHead @mulegal @highcountrygal @PurpNGold74


Scroll up up up! I wrote the strains too. @Nug-bug @MattyBear @Growit @Hogmaster @Screwauger @anon95385719 @LF-the-OG @FloridaSon @Big123 @raustin


Damn girl! That’s a huge stem! :v:


Its a frigging tree! Nicely done


First outdoor experiment… I m focusing about the flower period, dont want to screw it up or harvest late! And for now the odor is under control. It isnt easy with 11 plants, Its like working in the forest and never catching up. Need support in the future, dont want to screw things up before harvest… not sure how to do it, maybe branch by branch in the future


They look great! Should have a few pounds come harvest time :wink:


Hopefully ! Dont want to miss harvest time, screw something up


Get up side supports like bambo scaffolding, watch for worms, bud rot, mold, find yourself a harvesting crew, and a place to hang all that up to dry.

You are going be very busy here shortly. If this is your first outdoor adventure well take this as a learning experience. If it were me… I would find at least 3 others to help harvest/trim or get a machine to speed up the process.

Make sure your drying area is set up now and make sure the smell won’t drift to cause a problem. If all your plants make it at the farm and your house you looking at 10+ pounds dried easily. That will take some space to dry and many working hours.


Oh my God! That much? I have a dark room and some plastic covers on the floor… but I have no help, noone knows what I m up to. I thought about taking vacation from work 2 weeks when its harvest time… would i ll finish hanging, triming ? havent thought about that moment a lot… ! For now the plants are healthy, no worms, no bugs…good drainage in the earth


Fantastic looking plants @HvtAna1988 you have ample planning time before you get to harvest. Depending on your area/climate/seasons; I suspect your looking at late September or even Beg of October for fully ripe colas.

They will certainly benefit from some bloom nutrients now and in the future (half strength at most to begin with). I am not a full time outdoor grower but there are many here and @Willd @DoomSack and @Countryboyjvd1971 are but a few who will love your plants and likely have lots of advice.

Nice work so far and stay safe!!!


Thank you, thank you a lot !! I really need all the advices in the world! Hehe… ! Maximum till middle October the girls must be cutn down till then its warmy and sometimes rainy…! I will start feeding them in 2 days when I go back to them, as is well suggested!