Permanently Outside


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“one quick question my ak47 autos will be outside permanently i live in deep south texas san juan tx to be exact do you have any tips on how we’ll they’ll do…”


Keep them in the shade, the south Texas sun will stunt there growth during vegatation stage.


I am also from the rgv. We get extremely hot temps for some strains of mj, but some will thrive in this heat, I recommend Durban poison, girl scout cookie and Mexican sativas grow really well. This is my set up. I try to simulate a shade mesquite tree. It works for me.

Here is a Mexican sativa sprouted 4/16, about 3 FT , should be ready for harvest towards late Sept. Early October.


I grow at 7150’. High Desert. I use the pothole planting method. The sun and UV rays are super heavy at this altitude. Summer temps are 100*. Nights fall into 50’ and 60’s. Pothole gardening is simple, great for desert type grows. I dig a hole 2’ wide and 2’ deep. I line the bottom of the hole with straw. I then add my Happy Frog soil and more straw on top to help slow dehydration. I hope this helps those who grow in low moisture areas.


Thay will so fine just keep water :sweat_drops: up to them and not full sun all day a bit of shade in the arvo thay love you for


I believe your problem was dehydration in the DRY Texas heat. Aspiration will run much higher here so monitoring with a moisture meter will help you time watering better. Wind will also contribute to high levels of aspiration. YET your plants grow in direct proportion to the level of aspiration, the higher the faster. Just monitor the moisture and protect from wind if it’s really strong. You don’t find MJ growing naturally in the shade do we? The browning leaves are probably from a mineral deficiency. Check the photo chart available here to determine which mineral or minerals. Fast aspiration also leaches minerals from the soil so subsequent supplementation should correct the problem. Salts will build up, so flushing will be necessary along with supplementation.


I use to grow outside and that batch really gave us a good harvest. I’m currently growing one trainwreck outside but do to our town became city limit jurisdiction that’s about it. It’s a gorilla grow not in town.I love growing outside but am afraid since they grow so big. Those grew at least 10ft easy, I agree the more sun the better they grow but only once you have established a good root system . I wish it was legal here in Texas. I will get a pick next time I’m there, what has me a little worried is the cotton tail bunnies and jack rabbits… Great info and welcome to the forum @gerrit


try low stress training to keep your plants low. I use 25 gallon containers with two plants each. Plants are topped twice then tied down progressively and slowly into a spiral. This forces side growth to become move prolific and dense. Can’t seem to upload a pic. directions are contradictory I get; ![image|666x500](upload://6Qz1tXbzpNO4tMcjgkzqU0BfjxH.jpg I need direction. But! look up low stress training. I got a dense low spiral whose flowers were the most sugared of the harvest. Got almost a pound from this two plant (white widow) LST experiment and it out produced all others at only about three feet tall. In addition you can move these planters around for protection from wind, best sun exposure, and privacy if needed.


@gerrit thanks for info, sure will do so I can keep it bushy and short, mine is already in ground, since it’s not in my yard I’m trying to make it look as if it sprouted there and has survived. What do you use for pesticides ? Organic or chemical based


I use ZERO pesticides.


So cool, your luck my outdoor grows I have to during the veggations stages, but once in flower I try not to.


Why would you bring them inside during the most critical time? Remember, flowering is all about the color spectrum, hours of daylight and falling night temps.


My outdoor grow stays outdoor. I put thrm in the ground. I let nature take it course.


See ya there @Mrcrabs :wink:


Awesome I will check it out.:+1:t3:


Perfect…sorry i misunderstood.


No problem buddy, you left me wondering how is it that you don’t get bugs? Is it some strains that are more vulnerable to bugs than others? I ask because I had a trainwreck that did awesome and a Girl Scout cookie was infested, both Gsc had mites. Trainwreck had a few but not so many? @Fepony


To be honest, i never have any issues with bugs. I do get the occasional little green caterpillar but that is the extent of it. Some strains are more bug/mold resistant than others but TrainWreck is right up there at the top. TrainWreck yielded over 1 pound per plant after it was trimmed and dried. Tested at 25% THC and high terpenes to boot. I am currently smoking my TrainWreck 2.


That’s awesome @Fepony


Awesome, ive been cloning the heck out of it. Since it’s been a very good strain in and outdoor. Thanks for the info.