Perlite question

hey fellas…I picked up some perlite the other day at…lowes… the only brand they had was MG
after I got home I noticed on the bag it mentions that the perlite is “Infused with MG fertilizers”

is this normal?.. more importantly, is this going to cause troubles with my grow?

I was shopping for natural pesticides to plant around my pasture… citronella and such… when I saw something interesting…

apparently it is pretty easy to grow your own Neem tree, as well as Mountain tobacco…
it would seem that in the interest of keeping the grow organic,…and keeping cost down, growing ones own pesticides might be a smart option. the website even mentioned adding two TBSP of dried leave and two TBSP of dawn to a gallon of water to make a really good pesticide…

anyone doing this?

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I wouldn’t use it. It has time released nutrients that are released at unpredictable times in unpredictable amounts. The Lowe’s in my area only carries MG perlite as well. Home Depot sells it without any nutrients at a better price if you live near one. If not, ask a local nursery or greenhouse operator. These guys are almost always happy to give you pointers if not hook you up. They generally order commercially for their supplies, and may have what you need laying around in the way, and sell cheap


Ya same thing here, Lowes,only kind was MG,hell when i bought it i thought it was nothing more than stryrofoam beads lol i didnt underatand it but at the time everyone said buy this and buy all this so i did and didnt reaearch it until after i had everything planted and wondered about it. Its some volcanic shit lol shows how much i retained from reading . I didnt know that the MG version had additives in it. Good to know. I dont remember your question but i am confident i didnt answer it lol


Actually you did a great job in providing an answer 4play , oak I wouldn’t use it either… I don’t know much but I did some research on it and came up with the same information as blountville gave… Planning on using some for my future grow lol, but going with the none fertilizer brand…

Hope this helps…
-best of luck

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@Soilgrowth turned me on to this. Its nice big chunks . I thought it was white rocks for drainage when i saw a pic of his grow gonna get some

Looks like a box of cereal

I go to a local farm and lumber store for my stuff. Didn’t see any of the Chunky, but they just started carrying the FF lines.

Try this