Perlite or vermiculite in my outside soil

morning i live in the desert ca , what’s better to use the perlite or vermiculite in my out side soil , yes i am new ,lol it gets hot here june to sept 95 to 110 F every day , or is mixing better ? thank you all for your help .


Vermiculite holds water a little better, and offers more benefits than perlite.


As covert said, they are usually used for 2 different reasons, vermiculite for water retention and perlite for aeration.

Are you growing in pots or in ground?

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25 gallon grow bags , and it gets hot , so i double the bags up 1 inside the other

Perlite is a great idea as roots need oxygen. The more perlite you add, the more often you will need to water.

I believe vermiculite properties allow for more water retention, so the more vermiculite the less you’ll need to water.

If your grow bags are black, you should consider painting them a lighter color, flex seal type paint works great.

Also if the bags are on concrete, it can get hot. An elevated stand could help to keep them off the heat.

Good luck!

I agree with the above poster. I ran an indoor white widow dec-feb. I would take her outside every sunny day here during flower. First couple times I noticed the tent would get very warm the first couple hours after I brought her inside. The soil was getting pretty warm from that 5gal fabric pot sitting in the sun and that was Jan/Feb. I rigged up a way to shade the pot when she was outside and the issue with the hot soil went away immediately.

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@AAA Yeah, pots on the cement/pavers,I learned the hard way. Now I use wooden pallets for all the ladies. Try local supermarket or mom and pop liquor store.

SL out.

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For my outdoor garden, all winter I have been dumping my used soil and run off water in the area ill be growing in.


thank you all , yes i will get them off the slab , and get my black bags covered

Pumice stone for the win.