Perlite how much is needed

So I’m preparing the soil for an outdoor grow. I’m using a 8’x10’ area and another 5’x8’ area. The native soil here is horrible but I’ve been making my own for years from mulch and organic garden soil. Mixed with composted chicken and duck poop and other stuff. I’ve never used perlite but I know it’s in some potting soils and I read on here about people using it.
I’m digging down about 2" and mixing the soil from my garden and some more mulch with the compost. How much perlite should I use for 8x10x2ft deep and 5x8x2’ deep. The native soil here is mostly clay and caliche. It’s really dense so it needs a lot of help.

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Based on size of your spaces, may be more cost effective to use some sand and peat.

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As much as you can carry.

Seriously, you are digging out 80 and 160, or 240 cubic feet of soil. Usually perlite is 25-40% of a bagged product. At 25% you would need 60 cubic feet.

I just looked at my big bag of perlite and it was 4 cubic feet. Ideally you would need 15 big bags worth but I don’t know how practical that is.

I’ve put some sand and peat over the years in my garden. I’ve done a lot to make it as good as it is now. I’ve grown some amazing veggies and some really good weed. I grew the weed in a 5x10 dog run I grew 4 plants I’d dug 4 holes and put soil from my garden and and some composte mostly from chicken and duck poop. I ended up with around 4lbs dried and cured. I want to improve the soil even more. Never used perlite so I don’t know how much is needed

Thanks that is exactly what I was wanting to know. I bought two 4cubic foot bags the other day but wanted to use more. I didn’t know what would be too much or not enough

Glad I could help

Any reason you can’t use fabric pots? Might be cheaper and less headaches. Sand and peat are good suggestions however, or maybe you should think about building a raised bed.

My greenhouses are right next to my pond I want the plants to be able to tap into that water supply as they grow. Not worried about cost just trying to make the soil a little less dense.

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I would use Lava Rock and rice hulls. Perlite tends to migrate to the top especially in large areas outdoors.