Perlite “enrichment” question

I just noticed on my bag of perlite that it’s enriched with Miracle Grow plant food. Is this a potential problem? Is there a better option?
Here a pic of the bag.

Looks like I’d Stear clear of that. Mg bad for mj


I hear ya. I did a search after I posted and didn’t see anything positive about MG perlite. Most of the plants that I had seemed stunted and were just struggling. I’m betting that it was this crap miriKILL grow.
Is there anything else that does the same thing as perlite?

The time release nutes will throw off your PPM’s during your feeding regiment.

I stopped using Miracle-Gro for my vegetable garden as well… Their product is “hot” with that time release crap

I’m new to all of this and having pitfalls like MG are the ones that a newbie just doesn’t count on. I finally pulled the plug on 5 of my plants because they just stopped growing, they were sickly looking and nothing I could see putting time into. 2 months old and no more than 8-10” tall, yellow/gold leaves… I’d rather start over and see if I can take what I’ve learned and put it to good use.


You can get a different brand of perlite

I am sorry ‘bout that. I am new to this as well… I lost my first plant. I messed up so bad it Hermied hard … spent 10 weeks failing one way or another… My second grow was much better.

There are a ton of good people here that will help you moving forward. I feel confident your remaining plants will grow nice.

For perlite— I am not familiar enough to recommend a brand. I use Gen. Hydro. Coco Coir +P as part of my grow medium

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