Perfect temperature for gorilla glue auto

Hi All,
I am finding all kinds of conflicting data on the ideal temperature and humidity ranges.
What would be the ideal temperature and humidity for the Gorilla Glue Auto’s by ILGM?
some say 68-78 degrees F with 50-70%RH. Others say 75-86 degrees closer to 86 would be better.
Thanks, I’m a confused first timer.
Indoor Grow
Mars-Hydro LEDS 18/6
Royal Gold Basement Mix, 5-G pots


With leds you want your canopy temps a little higher than with hps because there’s not as much heating of the canopy. So you cheat canopy temps a little to get to proper leaf surface temperature. Then download a vpd chart and run your rh in accordance to stage of growth you’re in.

Thanks! It’s a bit complicated, but I think I understand. I found this vpd chart and thought I would share it with the group.

Thanks again.


Forgot to mention, they say to keep your girls in the green zone.

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