Perfect grow ends with a wimper

that one i am looking at removes 20 pints a day the hold capasity is more like 4 gal…that is probably over kill…not sure if I want it in the tent or out…as I think they put off some heat…my tent is a 2x2 1/2 x 6 1/2

so what I see is they have the little useless ones for under 50$…the ones that hold 2200ml but dont remove that much for around 70$ and the 20 pt ones that are the smaller of the big guys and seems like they remove that much for around 120$

I’ve had the little ones that you have to change every few hours. The one I use now has 3liter tank but I use the drain fitting and drain it under the house. I used to change it twice a day when it was really humid @theGiz

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@OldSkunk do you put it in the tent? and does it put off heat?

No tent. I have a grow room. It does put off heat to remove the humidity. It will drive the temps up if you don’t use AC. I’m pretty much automated in my grow

from years of doing it. I learned a dehumidifier is necessary for some strains. I’m running 2 out of 4 now that will no doubt have bud rot issues without using one. Sadly, it’s always at the end when I would get it. It’s 60% humid most of the time where I’m at so I would have constant issues without one.


so once I saw spots dieing…pretty sure it was rot…just really didnt see anything like mold…I chopped the offending buds and got rid of anything near the dead spots…I quick dried the part that wasnt near the dead spots…seems pretty stony…what are the chances I will loose more of it as I hear mold spores travel

You’d probably see it on other plants by now. Some strains don’t mind high humidity to a degree. If it gets too high, it’s in the inner bud. Then you toss the whole thing.

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I am one plant at a time guy

yeah…Ill toss anything that doesnt look right

so I stripped off the leaves and hung the branches in the tent in the house with the exhaust fan on low and another small fan blowing away from the weed…it dried in like 4 days…so I stripped it off the branches and put it in jars…2 days later it is struggling to keep 50% humidity…should I try to bring the moisture up or just let it ride…also found a little more mold on a couple of upper most buds…got way more yeald than I figured on…8.25 oz after I threw away about 1/2 oz…still searching for a dehumidifier…but I figure I got time befor i need it

@Graysin … what do you think? am I going to loose more of it in the jars?

Anything that shared a jar with affected bud will very likely also mold over time.

I’d suggest throwing anything you’re worried may be contaminated in the oven and baking at 225-230° for an hour or so, that’ll kill the mold spores and activate the THC. You can use it to smoke (less pleasant but at least it won’t be a waste) or you can turn it into canna butter, do an ethanol wash to make QWET, or any other number of things. It’s a better way to deal with mold spores that haven’t taken root yet than having to just toss anything sharing the jar with the bad apples.


hey thanks for the ideas…I am hoping I got all of it before I jarred it so I guess time will tell…I did find a 20pt dehumidifier I liked so I hopefully wont have this problem again…think the timing just didnt work out as it was warm here but didnt use the ac much…hey the new gal got fimmed today…last time I think I effed up the fim job so hopefully I got it right this time…question…is an oz in a 32 oz jar too much…pretty much filled


I don’t use jars but maybe @nodurxshn @Mr_Wormwood @Newt @HMGRWN have an idea there?

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I don’t think you need much headroom in a jar. Just make sure the buds aren’t tightly packed. And burp them regularly.


Hey and if you stop burping them, for some unknown reason, don’t be shocked when you do go to open it, by the loud pop of the lid

I’m not saying that happened to me, but it totally did


thanks guys…been enjoying the fruits of my labor this weekend so burping for a minute or so every day…should I try to get the moisture up on the jars falling below 50%?

13.99 @ tractor supply…what a deal!!

the new girl in town is looking good?..born June 10…is this what a fim is spose to look like as it is growing out?..this one seems to be off to a little slower start


got a new power strip today with a timer built in and my new dehumidifier is coming any day,gawd I need to stay off ebay…