Percentages, my experiences so far... (potency)

I have a home test kit. While it does have a tolerance of a percent or two, it seems pretty accurate based on flowers tested, graded and purchased retail. I have found the advertised percentages using ILGM seeds to be dead nuts balls on accurate so far, with one exception up to this point… A GSCE Auto I harvested tests consistently at over 30%. Ive tested even the bottom buds before harvest and got like 32.6% and repeated the test 4 or 5 times and landed within a point over or under that number, then the dried flowers at 30.5 consistently. Also really nice fragrance and flavor, smoothness and plant structure, as well as bag appeal. Small plant though.


Man, the GSCE auto I harvested last year was some of the most potent smoke I’ve had in almost 25 years of smoking. I’ve never had anything I couldn’t smoke and go get something done. Except THAT GSCE and the first couple times I ever smoked.


The photo GSCE produce really well to, had a 2 a couple years ago indoors that were top shelf. And last summer grow 5 auto’s outdoors, 4 were runtz but the 5th one made up for them.

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Different seeds will produce different phenos, so aspects from terps to thc % will change with almost every grow.

Good to hear your having a postive experience though


what kind of home test kit do you have? Are they expensive?

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I don’t have one, I’ve seen lab tested stuff.

@emgoldslo picked up a kit I was looking at and did a great write up here.

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Thin layer chromatography

Wow! They really do have everything out there lol. Where can I get this home kit? That’s pretty damn cool.


If you don’t mind spending a bunch of money then you could buy a T check but I think they are over priced.


Thanks I will. Just looking at options right now

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T-Check 2, mainly for oils, butters and tinctures but… Goes for about 500 with the kit for testing raw flower.

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It can test concentrates to I believe.

The other option is cheaper and better though Imo

A friend and I have been searching for Seth Rogans seed line. Rumored to be in the ‘high’-mid 30’s….

All I’ve found so far is his retail store which does deliveries in the L.A. market. No help for us though. Anybody heard of his strain?