Peppermint oil for spider mites

I’ve been battling spider mites again on my grow. Part of the problem is I won’t use chemicals to control them. After a bit of research I have found out peppermint oil is toxic to these critters. 4 drops of oil, a teaspoon of washing up liquid and 6 fluid ounces of water in my pump sprayer kills these pests stone dead with zero harm to my plants. I repeat daily if need be until I can see no more. Each time I check my plants if find the odd straggler I spray again. It’s definitely working as I am finding more dead ones now than live ones


Does it make your buds taste minty fresh?


My first grow using it so I will keep you posted on that one :face_with_monocle::thinking::thinking:

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Interesting reading on essential oils and their use in controlling spider mites. Finally gives us a positive answer on dosage etc.

I battling these in my hemp greenhouse. Trying to stick with organic so can get certification - already ordered lady bugs and lace wings but will definitely give the peppermint oil concoction a try.

I’d like to use what’s called 25-b products but has to be food grade unfortunately :frowning: don’t have any of that at my 9-5 to snag

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Around halfway through that paper they write that a dosage of 4% peppermint oil is the most effective for spider mites. This is the first time anybody has given us a real idea of how much to use :sunglasses:. I’m looking at companion planting as well. According to their research mites hate the smell as well so a few well placed peppermint plants among your grow could work really well. Found this as part of an article on peppermint, interesting :thinking:

The “pepper” part of its name is particularly apt since it has a spicy, pungent flavor derived from a unique combination of menthol, menthone, and menthyl acetate, as well as limonene and other terpenoids.