Peoples thoughts on Dutch Master nutrients?

I’ve always used canna nutrients and I haven’t had to buy any for a long time as the last time I purchased nutrients was from a hydroponic shop that was closing down and everything was less than half price so I had purchased all the canna nutes in 10ltr bottles now I am getting low I need more but because I can’t work anymore because of injures I now can’t afford canna products because they cost about $300 AUD per grow and because Dutch Master is more reasonably priced I can get everything i need for a few grows for $115 AUD! So I would appreciate people letting me know of their experiences with Dutch Master or if there is another product that is not expensive that’s better. Thankyou

I love dutch master; And, Dollar for Dollar; you cannot find a better product IMO.

I use Advance A & B Grow and Bloom. The only additives I have used are Zone, Silica, and MAX Bloom. A couple years ago; I grew a clone into a LB plant using this line. I grew this plant in a 5g bubbler and followed the basic recipe from the DM website nutrient calculator.

The lighting was 1000w HPS EYE Hortilux, with a 250 hps for side lighting. I use a 6" Vortex fan to draw out hot air. Pretty straight forward and simple grow.

One of the reasons I love Dutch Master is; I mix my own nutrients for commercial greenhouse op. DM uses the same minerals and chelates as I do in my personal custom mixes. It smells good too :smiley:

I would stay away from the Gold line due to the higher cost, and lower concentration, which requires you to use more per gallon. BUy some! Peace!

Cheers mate!! I appreciate your informative reply I was looking at the gold range but now I will go for the advanced line of DM nutes I will buy the ones that you stated :smiley:

There are a couple options as alternatives to MAX, but the rest you can go with always. There is a potash additive on the calculator you can use, but I am happy with what I posted.

Zone and Silica are only use at 3ml per 4 gallons and 7ml per 4 gallon (approx. in a 5g bubbler). They last a long time; So you can buy them in smaller quantity. I but the big jugs on Bloom A and B, and MAX. Buy the A and B Grow in smaller bottles, unless you are going to veg a full 2 months. In that case buy the jugs. A jug has about 5 x’s the nutes, and costs barely 2x’s as much. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I purchased all the nutes lastnight on Ebay I couldn’t help myself I ended up buying grow and flower a/b, max, silica, zone, potash, liquid light, and saturator.
Liquid light was the most expensive at $64AUD per litre/1000ml the rest was cheap all up costing$230.
In a couple of months I’ll buy flower a/b in 5 bottles.
cheers for telling me about the nutes calculator that was a very handy tool!
I have my plan of action sorted, maybe some slight adjustments.
I only ever veg for 4 weeks sometimes 6 weeks maximum I try not to get them too big as to not block out light and so the tops don’t get burnt from heat (when I was using hid lighting) but won’t have that problem now because of the LED’s.
I’m thinking about buying some UFO’s for side lighting.
When I buy my next lot of seeds (OF Kush.blueberry,jack h,and maybe gold leaf) I will do a grow jurnal and post pics. Cheers :smiley:

G’day, I have received my DM nutes all advanced series except liquid light and saturator they are gold series should I only use the foliar spray in veg and first 2 weeks of flowering or not at all?

Cheers, Brendan.

So happy for you. you will have a great grow. Go to the DM website and bookmark the nutrient calculator. Work with that. Later.lw

Cool! Yeah I will do that! When my seeds arrive im gonna give D.W.C a go for the first time I hope all goes well, one of my led’s stopped working so I will be using my 2, 600w lumatek light kits in a 1.2m1,2m2m grow tent that should be enough light lol.

Cheers, Brendan.