Pelletized Lime in soil

I went to the major home supply warehouse to purchase lime for an amendment to the soil used. Being “Off Season” the powdered lime was out of stock until spring. I did purchase the pelletized lime. Will this work as the powdered lime does.

Yes but more concentrated for wide square-footage . I would do an over average per pound or per liters to measure the pelletized lime , just in my opinion . I did 2 cups per gallon , and used it during watering to help keep soil balanced to prevent nutrient lock out . In simple terms the flush after veg or 4 th week , and 3 rd week in flower and 7 th week in flower . You can do a 1/4 of gallon per flush , are you can do a 1/2 gallon per flush depending on your pot size for grow .

I have pulverized dolomitic lime, and it was pretty fine. I don’t know if I misread above reply, but I would not use 2 cups per gallon. All you need is a couple TBS. per gallon blended into the soil. I don’t add any more until I re-pot later before flowering.

Thanks, Just what I thought. Have garden lime on order.

I purchased a 10 Pound bag of Organic Dolomite Lime Plus 11.8% Magnesium and 22.7% Calcium in a fine powder. With the additives is this more suitable for bloom or does it not matter. Straight garden lime needs to be ordered by delivery.

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