Pellet depth for 5 gallon DWC

I will be seeds germinated on paper towels into a 5 gallon DWC setup transplanted into starter blocks. What depth of clay pellets should I have and what should the water level be?

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Water up till it is touching medium

Rock wool with sprout should be top dead center in the net pot with hydroton under and around it. You don’t need it so deep that it wicks moisture up from the rez: that’s what the hydroton is for.

Rez level should be 1 1/2 to 2" below bottom of net basket. At this point if you were considering using a 5 gallon bucket to reconsider. A 20 gallon tote from Home Depot (yellow top) does a FAR better job of bucket hydro.

You will also be top feeding until the roots hit the water.

How much air to the rez do you have?

Do you have any way to cool your rez? A chiller may turn out to be a necessity.

If you do this you run a very real risk of damping off and causing root or stem rot. The use of a product like Hydroguard is highly recommended.


Always works for me

sorry for the poor lighting

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I don’t top feed either

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It’s gonna be indoors so I don’t think I will need a chiller and a large aquarium air pump and 1500w led