Peet expandable starter pots

After my last learning experience do you recommend using small expandable Peet Pots for seeds germinated in water? Thank you


i don’t recommend them, and i used to use them. mostly because they are really inconsistent. sometimes it’s great, the peet is fine. other times there’s full on branches and big mulch chips in there which tend to entangle the sprout, and then you have to dig it out.

i’ve had better success with soil in solo cups and am switching to coco next run.


Solo cups or nursery bags make the most sense to me. I’ve used them with good results

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I use them and rapid rooters. Have had no problem with them. I run hydro. When they are big enough to plant, I just set them in the hydroton. Works like a charm.
If you are in soil, I would put the seed in whatever your growing in. No need for things like that. Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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