Peat pellets for germinating then to forever home

Noobie here,
Got my seed and indoor grow tent, light, filtration etc ready to go. I am going to start my seeds in peat pellets and transplant to forever home at germination. Going to use Miracle Grow soil plus I have Floranova Grow and Bloom ready to supplement. Are peat pellets a good way to start? I was thinking less handling the better. Or show I use Olo cups before forever home. I’d Appreciate your insights

You are better off using Fox Farm Happy Frog or FFOF soil.

agreed… or a coco based something… peat can crash your PH as it breaks down later on in the grow… i try to keep that stuff away from my soil… but thats just been my experience when i tried it a while back…

If you’re a noob, I’d steer way clear of miracle grow soil. For starting the seeds, grab a clear solo cup and place that cup into an opaque solo cup. This way you can pull the clear cup up and check how your roots are doing. Get a basic seed starting soil mix.


Yeah what @Bobbydigital said. Use a bic lighter to melt ample drain holes in the bottom edges of the cups! Lots of drainage! I wouldnt even bother with peat pots, they arent needed, just plant yer seed right into the solo cups.

So I planted in Seedling soil 3 days ago. My temp is a little low I think-65. Should they stay in the dark? I got them in the closed tent. Thanks in advance

i would bring the temps up and put them under a light if they are in the soil.

All I have is a mars hydro 600w for the tent. Should I place it close? Will this bring up the temp?

i typically to to keep the temps for seed poppin in the mid to upper 70’s … not familiar with that light but i would say at least 18 - 20 inches away to get them up out of the soil…

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Should be mid to upper 70s but they will still do their thing. Warmer temps generally speeds up germination. They need no light until they have broken ground and have leaf.
If you use the light to create heat just be careful, seedlings are not good with strong light. You would be good to dome them to retain some heat and raise humidity until the second set of true leaves, then remove the dome. I generally never use a dome because my room sits at mid 50s Rh all the time. My seedlings are about 4 feet from the lamp hidden under some fan leaves. One trick I like to do is to only fill a seedling pot 3/4 of the way, that way if the lamp is a bit too far away and the seedling gets stretchy i can simply add more soil to prop it up.

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I’m using solo cups as the dome for the solo cups. What if I brought in a tiny desk lamp to warm up the grow space in the tent? With ‘solo domes’ they wouldn’t get any light. Or should I just be patient for them to pop up? Thanks

When seeds germ can they handle the Grow lights immediately for the 18/6? How close should I place the light Thanks

Depends on the lighting. I use Fluence SpydrX. I have mature plants already in the room and the fixture is a out 4 feet from the floor. Because I cant lower the light due to larger plants I start the seedlings at ground level and raise them toward the fixture until they are sorta hardened off a bit. Generally for a blurple light or a lower output lamp like florescent lights 12 to 16 inches is a good start. Maybe 24 inches for higher output?

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