Peat Growing soil

Has anyone growed cannabis in a peat soil and has some expierence with it and can tell me? Im growing in a greenhouse btw

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I’m growing in a 30% peat mix.

Go to build a soil dot com and check out “coots mix”. They sell the amendments and give you the ratio of 1/1/1 peat, compost, and aeration.

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Most people who grow in soil, will have at least a little bit of peat in the mix. The only thing I would recommend, is getting your ratios right, like @AAA said, and moisten the mix before planting, because peat moss is semi-hydrophobic.

I mean growing only in peat, not mixing it, because curently i am doing it.

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Got some pictures of your plants?

You are in 100% Peat?

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@HerbGrower This is the third thread you asked about this.
If you are looking for info on using 100% peat you wont find it here.
But if you would stick to one thread please and post pics and your process we could all learn together.
Its an interesting concept that has surely been tried before by gardeners growing all kinds of plants.
It would seem that nobody has tried it twice tho.
I wish you great success.


100% peat, i just mixed it with stinging nettle leaves, thats why it looks like that

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They look great.

Are you planning to fertilize within the grow time?

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Yes indeed, i made 3 buckets of stinging nettle ,tea" which is doing miracles and is also organic as i gathered them in my forest, also i bought some dry fertilizer. Uploading: 15900548488827895000504935531063.jpg… they are exactly 1 month old right now